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Easter event, fixes & more

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Easter egg.pngEaster eventEaster egg.png

You can now talk to the easter bunny at home to start the easter event!

The easter bunny will ask you to gather eggs around various cities.

You can get some awesome cosmetics & more from the event!

After the mini quest you can farm for eggs dropped by NPCs or from pyramid plunder, eat these for additional loot!

You can get various cosmetics like..

Giant bronze dagger


Gregg's eastdoor


Easter hat



And more!


Various fixes:

Fixed theatre of blood party interface issues caused by update

Re-added ability to create planks at sawmill

Added in all 10th anniversary items

Fixed dogs issue at vetion

Fixed osrs keybindings option

Took out weird item spawns

Fixed venenatis daily task

Fixed pyramid plunder interface

Added presets statue to Ferox Enclave

Added various missing item spawns around the world

Some more fixes reported on discord:

Fixed callisto trap still causing damage after boss died
Fixed super book issue
Fixed galvek map
Added missing clue items to Collection Log
Added wilderness bosses drops to Collection Log
Fixed slayer issue
Fixed staying online for a considerable amount of time
Changed multiple icons of announcements
Added new GIM icon
Added preset statues at dz1 & dz2 & tob
Added Phantom Muspah to slayer bosses (Sorry will be added soon, had to be added!)
Fixed Blighted saradomin brew
Fixed AFK dust & made stackable again
Fixed issues with advanced settings interface
Added ability to disable prayer filters
Made all voidwaker parts & wildy weapons tradeable
Fixed broken NPC around world (Aubury, Abbot langley & more)
Reworked parts of slayer & varpbits/varps Poison spider now does ranged attacks
Updated all items to latest protection value
Rise of the Six fixes & more small edits and fixes
Re-added clan chat to discord


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