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Update #7 Collection Log, Halloween event, mini quest, Nightmare staffs

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TEMPORARY NEW HALLOWEEN MAP! + HALLOWEEN EVENT! - I have placed 6 NPCs all around the world (All ghosts, one is Robin Hood), they will have fun Halloween gear and one NPC has Eek!the spider! And a halloween outfit!

+ Added 2 exclusive halloween items to Keldagrim at ::dz for donators!

+ Chance of receiving Scythe (Halloween one) from Wilderness bosses!

+ Added 2 exclusive halloween items to (hard) clue scroll

+ Made all Mutagen tradeable

+ Toggle for $10+ donators in questlog to receive scroll box clues instead of the clues so you can stack them! +

Fixed Trader Stan +

Fixed slayer count names in questlog


Black Graceful added!

Removed Lizardman shaman chat spam

Fixed casket drops (from rock crabs for example)

Fight caves teleport bug

fixed Did prework on the christmas event

Pool cures poison & venom

Increased stats Scythe and Sanguin staff


You can now use spec orb by minimap on runelite and mobile

+ Added The Wall Safe thieving mini quest!

The quest allows you to obtain the rogue outfit.- You are no longer able to obtain it with guards and paladins.

+ Rogue outfit double gp is also fixed now!

Be sure to check it out in the quest log and let us know what you think!!

+ You will get quest points upon completing quests.

We have decided to reduce the damage with PVP armor on monsters because the armor is just too powerful. Against players its still the same stats.

+ All nightmare staffs working now.

+ Abyssal bracelet prevents you from getting skulled in the abyss now.

+ 50k coins from voting will now drop on floor if player has no inventory spots

+ Fixed Chaos & Elder Druids combat & loottable.

+ You can now just press Sigmund to open the trade window instead of right click trade.

+ Fixed guaranteed table at KBD. (Bones and hide)

+ Asgarnia Ice Cave teleport is now added.

+ Removed invisible NPC at Lumby chickens

+ Changed multiple prices of the donator stores (Made most of them cheaper)

Pet box 40 > 35 PVP box 42 > 38 Blessed saradomin sword 11 > 15 Saradomin Sword 35 > 8 Changed every barrows item from 6 to 5 points.

+ We have added the FULL COLLECTION LOG!!

+ Get the Collection Log from general store (new players get it in their starter)

+ Fixed Nightmare staff it doesnt hit 130 no more

+ Fixed loot tracker info @Runelite

+ Fixed Clue scroll boxes bug

+ fixed Chaos Altar in ::dz

+ Fixed weird Bandits not dying


Added Defenders to Collection Log

Fixed KC Collection Log Bracelet of Ether can now collect Ether

Changed droptables Revenants instead of 1/10k rev weapons they now drop 1/3.5k

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