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Theatre of Blood rework, Trading Post changes, Boss hiscores, Thralls & more.

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Theatre of Blood

The raid has received a complete overhaul. The rework is not 100% done yet but I wanted to get tob out as soon as possible and will fix the final issues after this update!

- All bosses has been entirely reworked

- Party system received a small overhaul

- Some notable bug fixes:
All bosses have extra security checks to prevent endless loops
Issue at Maiden fixed healing more from the nylocas NPCs than she should
After Bloat dying still receiving damage for several ticks
Nylocas Vasilias spider waves properly work now and cannot be skipped like before
Nylocas Vasilias moves from melee into range/mage phases way faster now
Sotetseg has some improvements
You can no longer damage Xarpus during first phase
Poisons spawned by Xarpus show proper projectiles now instead of randomly appearing
Verzik issue spamming her attacks when players face the right side of the area
Nylocas spawns at Verzik can properly be damaged now
Other small fixes done to Verzik

Issues I still plan to fix after this original update in the next:
Problem with the staff used at Verzik & first phase
Rework loot system a bit to show purples on chest when unique is given
Fix small other issues with death & party system
Add the TOB health orbs
Finish full rework of Verzik
Other small issues & issues that might come up because of this rework


Somewhere after this update we will have a poll about Theatre of Blood Entry & Hard mode.

Hard mode may also include things like Sotetsegs maze attack & finish up Theatre of Blood for players if they want it!

- My apologies for the delay of the update. Chambers of Xeric is next after Theatre of Blood and same for all other issues, once server is on a more stable place
we will finish Tombs of Amascut!


Trading Post improvements

Trading post has received some improvements because of the recent update showing item icons it became quite cluttered with the text.

Some notable changes:

The each amount for items now appears on same spot as total amount

You can now properly see GP amounts.


55.5m showed as 55m, now it will show as 55.5m!

Items above 1b+ now shows as "1b+" etc instead of 1000m, this is the same for 1k+.

Added a way so admins (just owner on update release to test it properly if it works first, admins get it update after!) can age offers above 15 days so they do not appear in the trading post list anymore. This is to tackle players putting in weird item offers that make no sense

Other small improvements & fixes

Note: The amounts below is not the real amounts for these items obviously it is just to showcase how amounts show now.





The plan was to release Thralls later with the entire new spellbook but figured id just release them now!

You may spawn the range, mage & melee one from the Arceuus spellbook, 3 different types for each type!

If you find any issue with them be sure to let me know but everything reported during the beta should be fixed!


Bug fixes/new additions:

Fixed issue with the Fishy situation quest

You may now bank the Necromancer bottoms again

Added Arceuus spellbook in magic cape

Fixed issue not able to claim Ash Sanctifier after completing diary

The vote pet perk now works while your pet is in your inventory when you claim votes

Fixed several items with wrong stats

Fixed issue with Cave Abomination npc

Double Drop scroll now works for a full hour when used instead of 30 minutes

Fixed pricing issue with Sigmund for certain items he buys


Some updates from Discord:

As most of you already know we've added boss hiscores in the hiscores section on Luna website! Big thank you to @Hello working on the website side of this!

Notable features:

Filter by Iron status

Lots of different bosses to choose from


Fixed loot notifications (especially handy for mobile users!)

You can now catch Ferrets

Re-added Basilocked slayer

Global announcements for Ancient icon/Frozen Cache

Added visual cooldown in spellbook when you spawn Thralls

Fixed issue with UIM not able to buy from shops

Fixed multiple not working options in the advanced interface

Lag fixes

Fixed issue with staff of the dead

Added level 70 magic level requirement occult necklace

NPCs that shouldnt be aggressive are now fixed (like druids)

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Awesome work again Luna, Hello and Staff team 😀  keen to see the new updates be put to use straight away!

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