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Tinted/max hitsplats, Wesley, nmz edits & more

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Hitsplat tinting/max hitsplats

Hitsplat tinting and max hitsplats have now been added!





You can now ask Wesley to crush various items for 50 GP each, he is located in Nardah.



Bug fixes/other fixes:

Fixed barehand level ninja implings

Replaced ice troll king in Nightmare Zone for Black Demon

Edits done to tackle the issue with certain interfaces not appearing properly when the XP interface is visible


Updates posted on Discord:

Added all missing NPCs in the Wilderness slayer dungeon, Abyssal Demons, Jellies, Greater Nechryaels and Dust Devils - All the NPCs except for the Jellies require a slayer task to fight them within the Wilderness slayer cave

Can now uncharge (c) Bow of Faerdhinen & Blade of Saeldor

Fixed issue with drops from Phantom Muspah and World Boss

Fixed issue GIM de-iron

Fixes loot announcements Elvarg

Other small fixes & improvements done to server


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