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Update #9 Elf thieving, Amulet of Blood Fury, Darkmeyer, Lletya, more fixes

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+ Added elf thieving

+ Added full Lletya, lletya includes:

- A bank (pair of two bankers)

- A prayer altar (go up a ladder in the eastern building)

- A well (for water, no rope required)

- A range

- Bank Deposit

- Trading Post

- A spinning wheel

- A general store (Lletya General Store)

- A fruit tree patch

- A food store (bread, lobster, jug of wine, cheese, cake)

- An archery store

- A seamstress' shop (needle, thread, ball of wool, dye of every colour)

- A small patch of flax south of the bank.


Updated default NPC text, they will no longer all be sick now, but be careful! Some are tested positive for Corona! XD

+ Started on Nightmare

+ Amulet of Blood Fury - It has the same stats as the amulet of fury, and when using melee, it has a 20% chance of passively healing the player 30% of the damage they deal.
Once created, the amulet has 10,000 charges. A charge is depleted for every successful hit with melee regardless of whether the amulet's effect triggers. - The blood shard needed for the amulet will soon be obtainable, more information on this very soon!

+ Added Karambwanji fishing, they are located same place as OSRS in Karamja. You get 5-15 fish everytime, fish with small fishing net

+ Super combat potion and several others can now be made with (4) potions instead of (3)

+ The Emblem Trader for revenant emblems to gain GP is back in Revenant Caves luring among the Revenant mobs

+ Added Magic guild and Lletya teleport to teleport interface

+Fixed the railing by the ogres at Gnome Stronghold

+ Slightly reduced droprate of Basilisk Jaw and you can now combine the helm with the Jaw to create the Neitinot faceguard.

+ Decreased KC amount needed for GWD for certain level donators (Godlike and + needs just 1 KC now)

+ Staff of the dead now autocasts ancient instead

+ Fixed Xeric's talisman teleports and its obtainable with lizardmen shamans/lizardmen

+ Fixed Drakans Medallion for future Darkmeyer entrance

+ Added Blood Money pouches from Small to Giant in Wilderness slayer and several bosses around the world like Bandos, Vorkath, Sire, Dagannoths, Zulrah, Cerberus, Callisto etc

+ Demonic Gorilla drops the Zenyte shard instead of uncut Zenyte now and fixed combining with Onyx to make shard at the fire underneath Ape Atoll

+ Reduced Venenatis defense

+ Added a scroll that allows you to see how many Puro Puro Implings you have caught overall

+ Added Obelisk Destination Scroll allows you to manually pick any destination with the obelisks once the scroll is used

+ You can obtain the impling scroll from implings ranging from Eclectic all the way to Dragon.

+Fixed multiple bank deposits










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