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Revision update, Duke sucellus, improved client, plugins, mobile sounds & Chambers of Xeric QoL & hairstyles & & more

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Revision update

We have updated our revision again from 210 to 219!

This means we got the most up to date content including content like..

- New Bounty hunter system (with map)

- All desert treasure 2 bosses (Duke Succules, Vardorvis, The Whisperer, and The Leviathan),

- New items like soulreaper axe, new buffed BiS rings, Virtus & Blood torva & much more

- All the raids (ToA, CoX in particular) improved updated maps , content & interface changes,

- Forestry part 1 and 2 (will be released later!!),

- New slayer cave, new hairstyles, new weapons, new creatures, prayer re-order & soooo much more!

Client sided:

- 9 months of plugin updates & loads of new plugins are added

- 9 months of client development

- Prayer re-order


Duke Sucellus

In celebration of this monumental update, we’re excited to release Duke Sucellus from Desert Treasure II ahead of schedule. Tackle this boss for a chance to claim the full Virtus set and the upgraded Magus ring among other unique drops, including the Ice Quartz for Ancient sceptre enhancements. Embark on a two-phase battle that tests your skilling and combat skills for rewarding loot!

Duke has many different unique drops.

Some notable ones are the Virtus set and Magus ring but he also drops Ice Quartz which you can use on your Ancient sceptre to upgrade it to increase your ice spells accuracy by 20%, ofcourse the cute pet Baron and much more!

Phase one you gather supplies, you mine the rock in the middle and take the mushrooms from the end of the rooms while dodging the extremities and magic!

You create two vials and use them on Duke to initiate phase 2!

Phase 2 you fight the boss, melee is recomended, make sure he does not see you else there will be a swift death!





Ancient vault

You can now visit the ancient vault to access the chest to obtain lots of supplies & other goods depending on which quartz you bring. (Which is at the moment ice quartz only due to Duke!)




Rejoice as in-game sounds make a comeback!

Benefit from numerous minor improvements and bug fixes for an optimized mobile experience.

Chambers of Xeric

 Bank at start area
 Placed more energy pools throughout the raid
 Raid scaling option in raid interface (currently unavailable)
 Storages at Olm
Fixed issue with fire attack at Olm when he dies during it

Fixed a huge issue with NPCs not spawning in a raid and/or double NPCs in a raid

Due to some players using this method to obtain olm only during this time the Chambers of Xeric timers have been reset server-wide

Added a CoX leaderboard object at CoX, similar what we got at Nex, gauntlet etc.


Slayer bosses has been slightly reworked and allows us to add custom bosses more freely now.

We've added Duke Sucellus and Galvek as a boss task now!

Alchemical Hydra

Alchemical hydra now drops unique loot just like osrs, this means brimstone ring pieces will drop in order and the uniques match osrs exactly what the wiki says

Phantom Muspah

You may now grind a venator shard for 50000 ancient essence or an ancient icon for 5000 essence using a pestle & mortar

More minor bug fixes done to Muspah


Hairstyles are no longer dependent on your chosen character model – you can sport whatever lovely locks you like!



Scythe of Vitur

The scythe's slash accuracy has been increased from +110 to +125.

Charging the scythe now costs one vial of blood and 200 blood runes for 100 charges, rather than 300 blood runes for 100 charges.

Charges are now only used when one of the scythe's hits deal damage.

Abyssal dagger

The special attack cost has been reduced from 50% to 25%


A massive update which will most likely happen in 2024. We have everything to add it in both part 1 and 2!

This will include lots of new items & minigames.

Donation improvements

There has been some improvements made to the super mystery book & new items added to the donator store and some removed.

Super mystery book
- Temporarily added in Scythe of Vitur (uncharged), Venator bow (uncharged) and Elidinis ward
- Added saturated heart
- Removed some of the smaller rewards & increased overall odds for higher level uniques
- Increased odds for Abyssal dagger
- Frozen caches are now less common


For a limited time only:
Lightbearer for 45 points
Breach of the scarab (creates keris partisan of breaching) - 30 points

Torn prayer scroll
Dark dye


Donator deal system

Due to frustration of players (totally understandable) having to wait for the donator deal trade by Luna it is now an automatic system, you can talk to the wise man at home to get your donator rewards and check out if there is a current deal going on or not!

All information regarding the deal can be found on our discord or ingame by talking to the wise old man by the donator stores at home!



World list

Re-added world list and in friend list/clan chat it will now properly show green if player is in your world and yellow if in a different world.




Bug fixes & additional content:

You can use items on players again. This means you can trade $ scrolls to ironman by using them on ironman and you can use CoX raid potions on ironman to give to them

Note: Revision updates may cause new issues & bugs. We've went through alot of bugs & content but we can always miss some. Be sure to report these if you do find them!

Can now buy looting bag at slayer master for 10 points

Twisted banshee specific ID now drops items

White knights in Falador are no longer aggressive

Sea gulls are no longer aggressive

Removed christmas event & changed home to normal home

Added voidwaker special attack sound

Added & fixed missing advanced settings options

Changed all items value again to the newer GE prices

Added fixes to costume room in construction

Tortured Gorillas now have a melee animation that actually looks like a melee animation, as opposed to a ranging animation.


Extra pictures:





Small updates posted posted on Discord:

You no longer throw your entire bucket in the fire for the fire spirit

Fixed issue with the Iban staff and the accursed sceptre

Added a way to properly save sales to Trading Post to add an automatic system on website one day that changes prices of items

Fixed issue with Phantom muspah pet after using charged ice on it

Fixed Artis clue step

Fixed issue with Konar task

Reduced dust devil respawn timer from 50 ticks to 15 ticks

Improvements done to GIM storage

Lots of Tombs of Amascut edits added to world 1 to ensure code not intervening

Small edits done to tob & cox

Can now send a message from discord CC to game every 5 seconds instead of 10

Allowed more characters to be used talking in CC on discord like '

Some more lag improvements

Added a perk store at the donator stores, allowing you to purchase the perks we have on our website ingame using donator points, these are the perks incase you do not know:
MASTER CHEF - Cook on a range or fire 1 game tick faster.

CANNONBALL MASTER - Allows you to smith cannonballs 2 game tick faster.
RC MASTER - 10% chance of double runes when Runecrafting at altars.
ANGEL - A 10% chance of getting double exp for each bone used on an chaos altar.
TRAPPER - All pray have a higher chance of being lured into your traps with increased trap timeout.
INFINITE RUN PERK - Infinite run outside of the Wilderness Perfect ava's - 95% to save arrows while wearing avas instead of 80%


Coming soon...



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