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Update #10 A Fishy Situation miniquest, Darkmeyer, Daeyalt Mining, bug fixes

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A Fishy Situation Miniquest!

The Fishing Tutor has a problem, Bertha has been eating all the fish and now they almost run out of food!
He askes you to help him fish some more and he will reward you with the Angler fishing set!
You can find him in the Fishing Guild.



Daeyalt Essence Mining

Work has been done on Daeyalt Essence mining in Darkmeyer.
The essence gives you 50% more XP in Runecrafting when you make the runes!



We almost finished Darkmeyer!
We added most shops already and there will be the NPCs you can pickpocket or kill for Blood shard for the amulet of blood fury!


Dagganoth Lighthouse added


Portal Of Legends portal in Myths guild will now teleport you to the Wilderness bosses when they are active!
Added Damaged versions of ALL god books to mage shop

Slight overall GP pickpocketing has received a slight nerf with the new elves.
Fixed all god books combining with the pages
Royal seed pod coords changed to outside
Made Amethyst a little easier to get (mining)

Normal grace can now be made with Black Dye (Coming soon)
Staff of the dead back to modern autocast
Gnome Stronghold Doors open now

Fixed ID of bolts in slayer shop to the right one
White graceful hood now hides your hair
Fixed most of Darkmeyer
Increased starter GP
Nerfed drops from wilderness bosses and overall GP from them a little bit.

Increased chance to get Ancient Shards
Replaced Silverlight with Darklight in the shop

Fixed shortcut Feldip Hills
Added teleport for Dagganoth Lighthouse
Fixed Alchemical Hydra shortcut

- Hope u guys like the updates!

-- Luna



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