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Equipment interface, custom interface fix, bug fixes & QoL

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Equipment interface

Has been fixed fully, including set effect bonus, the new weapon speed feature & more!




Fixed multiple other interfaces

There were a bunch of custom interfaces with fixes too, below is highlight of a few of them with major fixes, in total around 10 custom interfaces had some improvements done.





Misc/bug fixes

Divine rune pouch is now fully functional

Changed 150+ items in the market to prices we had in our old price guide

Replaced Pharaoh's sceptre with a new ID

Reworked magus/ultor creation

Salve amulet (normal not the ei one) did 15% damage increase before, it should be 16.67%, fixed this

Multiple fixes to Theatre of Blood

Reduced sotetseg ball attack for solo players

Fixes done to Awakened Vardorvis

Can now get a perfect kill count at Vardorvis normal/awakened and duke with the resource drop and unique drop too

Removed summer tokens TOB



Started work on Herbiboar & development of ToA ongoing!

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