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Tempoross, QOL & bug fixes

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Tempoross has been added!

Our Tempoross is slightly different..

The boss is more profitable, making this a very valuable way to earn GP & more great rewards!

You also get 15k GP for every permit you fish, making Tempoross very valuable


Some of the notable drops:

Tome of water, crystal tool seed, big harpoonfish, spirit angler outfit


Seagull wing, which is a seagull pet!



Tackle Box, which allows you to store all sort of fishing equipment!



Lots of great skilling supplies like herbs, snape grass & more!




DT2 bosses unique chance high increase:

Old rates - New rates

First rate is with event on, second with event off

Leviathan 1/88 - 1/94 to: 1/50 - 1/60
Vardorvis 1/110 - 1/126 to: 1/65 - 1/75
Awakened Vardorvis 3/110 3/126 to: 3/90 - 3/100
Duke 1/80 - 1/90 to: 1/60 - 1/70


Wilderness bosses fixes:


Hellhounds now have 30 HP


Increased chance to do magic/shock attack


Doesnt hit through prayer anymore if small spiders are dead


Added 4 missing superiors & their respective loot.

- Hydra Colossal
- Spiked Turoth
- Drake Guardian
- Shadow Wyrm

Pet perks:

Tiny Tempor:

More points from the Tempoross minigame


Player is immune to the melee orbs

Blast furnace:

Ores now require the right amount of coal



Serpent Killer: Kill The Leviathan 500 times
Serpent Slayer: kill The Leviathan 2500 times

Leviathan: Defeat The Leviathan in 60 seconds or less


Master Baiter: Defeat Tempoross 500 times
Captain: Defeat Tempoross 1000 times
Sea Conquerer: Defeat Tempoross 5000 times
Pirate: Obtain the Seagull pet




Misc QoL/bug fixes

Fix done to RCB broad bolts

Fix done to ammonite crabs hitting through prayer and ignoring defence

Leviathan teleport renamed

Smoke devil pet perk also works while fighting smoke devil now

Removed the null loot from all Revenants & boss

You now have a 1/80 chance to get a crystal shard while woodcutting within Prifddinas

Jar of smoke now appears in Collection log

Kodai wand kit now announces properly

Duke slayer chest now appears under players current location

Added untradeable scythe

Worked on Leviathan and fixed a couple reported issues


Updates from discord:

Crystal armour:

Can now charge the chargeable variants too

Only charges armour now if player is hit more than 0

Various other fixes & improvements & added part of Tempoross to world 1 already in preparation.

Leviathan Improvements: Multiple fixes implemented for Leviathan
Greatly increased Leviathan's drop table with new additions and increased amounts
Crossbow Fixes: Resolved issues preventing crossbows from firing bolts they should be able to fire (caused by a recent update)
Vyre Well Charging: Now checks for both unnoted and noted vials of blood Bow
Fixes: Fixed Magic Composite Bow Fixed Kodai Wand (i)
NPC Updates: Replaced Nechryael at Catacombs of Kourend with Greater Nechryaels
Village Chest Drops: Drops now appear under the player instead of at the NPC position
Vorkath Head Drop: Now drops at 50 KC instead of 51
Wizard's Mind Bomb: Now properly boosts magic
Trading Post Messages: Now displays the correct amount sent to the bank after purchase
Fight Arena Zone: Now designated as a multi-zone
Construction Updates: Added 50+ items to the custom storage construction A
Armadyl twisted bow: Can now be dismantled







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