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New shop interface & new shop items, new scrolls, Leviathan & tempoross fixes, QoL & More!

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New shop interface!



Some of the new additions:

- Warning if you buy so you dont buy too much of an item
- Unlimited stock
- Lots of new great QoL additions like unlimited cannonballs
- Added swift blade & more

We'll start with just these shops for now, if all goes well they will be added for blood money shop, daily task store etc aswell!

New boost pages:

DT2 boost, lasts 1 hour:
Changes Chromium ingot 3/8 chance to 1/8 and boosts vestige piece from 3/8 to 4/8 and soulreaper piece from 1/8 to 2/8

CoX boost, lasts 2 hours:
Instead of lower chance to hit unique this boost works a it different, if a player does hit the unique table an increased chance obtaining some of the more valuable unique drops, tbow etc, basicly I will lower the chance to get the prayer scrolls therefore increase odds for all other uniques


Due to the new interface with more NPCs getting removed we will be changing our home very soon!

Moved certain NPCs and deleted some


Fixed an issue with Leviathans special attack, if player stood behind rock at certain areas it didnt properly not damage player

Slightly reduced Leviathans ranged defence from 50 to 35

Fixes done to Leviathans volley attack


Increased rewards per permit GP from 15k to 30k

Increased overall quantity of rewards

Fire no longer destroys totems

Fixes done to ensure Tempoross cannot get stuck at 1%

Tempoross interface now removes on exit

Fishing spots south of Tempoross now properly moves

Wave attack now has a chance to destroy totems


QoL/bug fixes

Fixed issue with starter weapons not showing correct charges

Fixed issue at DCing in High risk zone

Added Soulreaper axe

Fixed title descriptions

Fixed some clues

Fixed issue with superior not dropping stuff

Fixes done to Venenatis hitting through prayer

Fixed an issue within Pyramid Plunder players getting stuck


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