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New home map(s), bug fixes & QoL

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New homes

I hear you thinking.. homes?!


We want to experiment with something, see what kind of home players prefer.

We will have this coming home for 3-4 days, after that we'll load the other home map for 3-4 days then players will decide which map they want!

This new upcoming map looks alot like what we had before just changed to make it easier to understand!



Not only has home been changed but the bounty/pkp/task points and BM store is also just one NPC now!

The store has also been changed now, when buying 1 you no longer get the warning, when buying 5 or more the interface re-opens after confirming your purchase and many other QoL!

Certain prices has also been changed

Home teleport has also been changed and teleports you in random spots now to battle bots aswell!






Map 2

This is the second home we will upload in 3-4 days, a simpler map. We are curious what players will prefer!





QoL/bug fixes

Spawned dust devils at desert dungeon at part of map that were missing them

Ice barrage message now shows in actual seconds, not ticks

Home teleport has been changed and now teleports players to random positions

Can now use leaf bladed arrows aswell at kurasks

Statius warhammer now acts like a hammer at GWD door

Bunch of other smaller fixes & more done to home

Bunch of fixes done to Tempoross

Can now store ancient d'hide shield in POH

Auto cast no longer resets in the Wilderness


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