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Update #12 Darkmeyer quest to get into Darkmeyer, bug fixes, QOL changes, quest event

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Darkmeyer quest to gain access to Darkmeyer!
Safalaan Hallows jewelry box has been stolen by one of the slaves in Darkmeyer!
Help him out by starting in Slepe and get the stolen jewelry back!
The reward is the Drakan's Medallion to be able to teleport to Darkmeyer!


Credits to @mush


Vyrewatch Sentinels will no longer attack through walls. @mush
1/10 chance for double loot with rogue set now instead @mush
Reduced time of the Corpse Cart to thief it
Droprate reducement of Bloodshard from 5k to 2k
Removed Darkmeyer from teleport Interface
Fixed Twisted Slayer Helm bugs


As you know we started with quests!
We are really curious what players can come up with for quest ideas.
You can create a ticket in Discord in #🎐quest-event🎐 and leave your quest ideas over there!
What format we would like to see it in:
Story Location(s)
What activities players do in the quests Can the quest expand?
(Can there be more quests made about the quest?)
In about a week after we all read the quests we will open the tickets for the players to decide with us what the best quest is that should be added.
The player that wins will receive a mystery reward and $10 donator scroll and your idea will most likely be implemented in the game!


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