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Update #13 New home + Starter area + More starter stuff, Item broadcasts, Daeyalt Essence, Anti-venom, Zulrah, alot of bug fixes

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New home + Starter area
Halloween map is long overdue but we're back on our old trusted map!
I editted it a bit to make it all a bit smoother and also added a small
starter area with various rocks, trees and fishing spots for low level fishing.


Daeyalt Essence
You are now able to use the essence on all altars except blood and soul altars.
The Daeyalt essence increases your Runecrafting XP by 50% more than Pure essence!
You can mine the essence at Darkmeyer at the Dungeon icon!
Daeyalt essence is tradeable.

PURE:                                                                                                                           DAEYALT:


Broadcasts of items appear in chat now!
Got a awesome Magic Fang from Zulrah?
Or perhaps Elysian Sigil from Corp?
Most items from bosses/slayer and misc items
with a high value will appear in chat now for everyone to see!

Added Relic Hunter (t3) set

You can now note and unnote at banks
Very good if you are UIM! 😉

Updated Darkmeyer quest with more information how to get to Slepe.
Dice bag rolls 100 instead of 4 now
Re-added break vials option in questlog
Blood shard is tradeable now
Blood shard is 1/1.8k now
Added unkillable level 1 man for thieving at home for starters. Gives 800-1400 each thief.
Home fishing
Home mining
Home trees
Added looserailing agility to enter low level area


Fixed Zulrah bugging if you kill her as soon as she switches phase.
Fixed Anti-venom and Anti-venom+ Venom timers!
Fixed questlog doing funky stuff if you examine a NPC with no loot
Herb box edits, soon re-released!
3rd age ring is wearable now
Changed multiple protection values of items.
All superior slayer NPCs respawning issue is now fixed

Twisted slayer helm (i) also fixed now


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