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Update #14 Cannon fully fixed, Layouts in raids, more raid fixes, Improved home, more bug fixes

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Hello everyone.

The update list is a bit shorter than usual.
I wanted to bring this update later with some more features but due to things like the XP scrolls from starter set getting abused
And XP scrolls in general
Im throwing this update out right now.

First of: home improvements
When I looked at the home I came to the conclusion that the slayer masters are at a very odd spot.
I editted the houses a bit and made slayer masters closer for convenience.

Cannon definitely needed some improvements!
Restricted areas for cannon is now active for over 30 locations.
- You now get slayer XP (and it reads you killed the NPC) If only the cannon did damage to the NPC

You can now build a cannon while being attacked.
Fixed a dupe with cannon.


Chambers Of Xeric
When you enter a raid now you can see the layout in your chat as soon as you enter.

In floor 2 of raids you will no longer die behind a wall.
Added some overall improvements and fixes to raids.

Quest improvements
Added questlogs to the wall thieving and angler fish quest.

Removed XP scroll from starter tutorial kit and made XP scroll untradeable.
Decreased GP amount of starter kit
Made Tureals dialogue more obvious how to skip a task with him now.
Editted chances at Sire.

Fixed (t3) set arms doing weird things
Added more skeletal wyverns to the Ice cave.
Increased XP monkfish cooking

A sneak peek for a update coming very soon!
Mage Arena 2:
Get Imbued magic capes by killing the minions of the gods in Wilderness!


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