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Update #16 Full Mage Arena 2 quest, more bug fixes and combat changes of NPCs and Discord changes!

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Imbued god capes.gifMage Arena 2 mini-questImbued god capes.gif
We added the official mage arena 2 quest from OSRS!
Use the hot/cold item you obtain throughout the quest and look for the minions
Around the Wilderness!
All the bosses have their original spells from OSRS and you must attack them with magic!
Obtain the Imbued god capes
Imbued god capes.gif through the statues you get the normal capes from after the quest.


Updated timers for volcano rocks to hit you so you have time to run away
Added more tool leprechaun spawns
Roots noting at leprechaun Fixed noting & unnoting on banks
Added more items to broadcast
Added combining for Brimstone Boots
Changed respawn time of Chaos Elemental
You will no longer receive x2 fish


Added Darklight & rock cake to slayer shop (120 points Darklight, 50 points rock cake)

- Increased bot protection on the MEE6 and Dyno Bot to prevent bots joining and immediately being able to DM people and / or type in #General.
- New users no longer get Luna Member tag immediately upon joining, forcing them to go through #Rank-Request to ask for a rank.
- Very offensive words have been censored by the bot to avoid people spamming it at night when Luna and clutch are not on.
-Organization of channels, roles, and permissions within the discord.

Big thanks to @Falcon @Clutch for the Discord help


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