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25 days of Christmas item event

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On 11/30/2020 at 12:28 AM, Luna said:



Wintumber tree.png25 days of Christmas!Wintumber tree.png


Its very simple place a comment under this forum post with anything that reminds you about Christmas.
This can include but not limited to a story, a picture a song or certain type of food, anything!

Keep in mind you can only have one entry everyday,
replying on multiple accounts can result in a disqualification of this event!

Wintumber tree.png1 winner per day can win the following item(s):Wintumber tree.png

1st day of Christmas:
Pet Box

Won by @Dbcrazy

2nd day of Christmas:
X2 Ultra Mystery book

Book of arcane knowledge.png

Won by @Purple Guy

3rd day of Christmas:
20M Luna GP

Coins 10000.png

Won by @Capi

4th day of Christmas:
Double Drops scroll x4


Won by @drpain

5th day of Christmas:
Candy Cane

Candy cane.png

6th day of Christmas:
Purple Party Hat


7th day of Christmas:
2x Ultra Mystery Book

Book of arcane knowledge.png

8th day of Christmas:
Yellow Party Hat


9th day of Christmas:
20M Luna GP

Coins 10000.png

10th day of Christmas:
Pet Box

11th day of Christmas:
Bobble Hat & Scarf


12th day of Christmas:
Red Party Hat


13th day of Christmas:
Jester Hat & Scarf


14th day of Christmas:

Coins 10000.png

15th day of Christmas:
Inverted Santa Hat

Inverted santa hat.png

16th day of Christmas:
Double Drops scroll x3


17th day of Christmas:
Pet Box


18th day of Christmas:
Blue party hat


19th day of Christmas:
$10 Donator Scroll

Coins 10000.png

20th day of Christmas:
Double drops scroll x4 + XP scroll x2


21st day of Christmas:
Ancestral Robe Bottoms

Ancestral robe bottom.png

22th day of Christmas:
Pet Box


23rd day of Christmas:
Black Santa Hat

Black santa hat.png

24th day of Christmas:
Santa Hat

Santa hat.png

25th day of Christmas:

Rest of Christmas event:




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I likke christmas cos i like to spend tome with family. Good food presents and the lovely smells of cinnamon. Is what i really enjoy at crimbo.

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*ceeeeeelebrate good times come on*

lyrics to this song i forget the name of but its always playing around christmas and is cheerful asf

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