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Christmas Event!, Disk of returning, soon to come releases + bug fixes!

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Wintumber tree.pngOh boy its that time of the year againWintumber tree.png

We added a awesome christmas event quest
Sir Renitee needs help! He lost his map!
After the event you get access to the CHRISTMAS BOSSES!
The bosses may drop a key that you can use on a chest to get all kind of Christmas goodies!
Think about anti-santa outfit, santa outfit + much more!



Wintumber tree.pngXmas map:Wintumber tree.png

Note: The items are ONLY obtainable through the christmas bosses, after christmas this event is over.

Wintumber tree.png25 days of ChristmasWintumber tree.png
From december 1st till December 25th everyday a player can win an item listed in Updates & Announcements  25th day of december every player online will get something!


Disk of returning.pngDIsk Of ReturningDisk of returning.png

Players are given a disk of returning which allows players to teleport themselves back to the location where their most recent teleport occurred. Excluding some instances and player suggested places this shouldnt be allowed.

^ _ Disk Of Returning will be in store at a later time! _^
Increased vote reward from 50k each vote to 125k.
You can now also earn some GP at Tournaments

Increased GP earned at Wilderness Boss Events
Increased GP overall for thieving
Increased GP drops for ALOT of bosses/slayer mobs

Added combat for moss giants
Removed crab puzzle of raids
Re-added Ice demon to raids
Fix to upgrading elite void
Increased overall slayer points from tasks
Temporarily re-added mithril seeds for FP in general store for 50k ea seed.
Wall safe thief quest works again
Added potion pack in vote and donator store, the packs contain various potions from stamina to saradomin brews, super attack potions and much more!
Its a small amount of potions because I dont want potion economy to R.I.P
Changed multiple prices and removed and added stuff in all donator stores.

We've done some great work on Prifdinas and we're closing to releasing the city to you guys with the full description what this server has to offer.



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