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Angry monkey invades Karamja, item names, various bugfixes

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A angry monkey escaped Ape Atoll and is causing havoc in Karamja.
Stop him before its too late!
A new boss to defeat to obtain various great items!
The boss has alot of different supply items, ranging from herbs to seeds to much more!
Also drops the Dark Dye to obtain black graceful
And Morrigans!


Boss location:

The monkey is a very strong boss and is ment to be a "world boss",
you will be able to defeat him with multiple players!

General tactics:
He has a 5 minute respawn timer for now.
The monkey is immune for all melee attacks.
His weakness is range.
The monkey has 4 different type of attacks.
Attack 1.
The monkey throws a rock at you, this is a range attack and also his main attack.
Be sure to pray range.
Attack 2.
Prepares a spell - as soon as you see purple flying towards you, pray magic.
Attack 3.
Reanimated monkeys will be summoned by the boss, run from these to avoid splash damage.
Attack 4.
A huge boulder is thrown by the monkey, dodge this boulder because the boulder will do high amount of damage.

Bug fixes & Misc

Kree'arra combats now match with OSRS.
All custom items have names on runelite only right now (runelite names soon available)
Added Baba Yaga shop. Available in the moving house on Lunar Isle.


Added cannon restrictions to Zulrah, Jad Inferno + some other misc places
Slayer chest & coin box drop should now spawn in correct positions (for bosses like Kraken)
Fixed all the weird drop tables for every NPC, removed some of the shit items like "beer"
Tradepost fix randomly crashing
Serpentine colored helms now have their correct stats.
Fixed mythical cape object in Construction not giving back the cape.
$500+ Donators now have access to ::deposit (or ::dep, ::depositbox)
With a few restricted areas like Wilderness, tournament, duel arena and many considering too OP places.

We've done alot of work to upcoming projects.
We are currently fixing icons appearing in chat for both mobile & runelite
Zalcano is close to completion done alot of work on him.
Also done quite some work on GIM.

We hope you enjoy the updates!


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