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Nightmare Of Ashihama, donator zone 3, bugfixes + more

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Nightmare Of Ashihama
Im proud to announce that we will release The Nightmare this update!
The boss is almost identical to OSRS.
Drops the nightmare staffs, pet, inquisitor armor set and much more!
The boss has a "join with friends" and create instances for solo plays.


Donator zone 3
This will probably the the last and final donator zone for $1000+
Portal, GP shop, bank Mahogany trees, deposit box, tree
^ We will add much more to the zone as time goes on!
The zone has a multizone slayer cave with loads of monsters to kill.
Nechryaels, abby demons, dark beasts, gargoyles, smoke devils, Drakes, Wyrms, and some spiritual rangers/magers




Added ::dice



You will now get more slayer points.
Loot drops are now fixed (For example loot staying forever or when you go to Rev caves and loot dissapearing)


Fixed shards spawning weird at Prifdinas course
Added bank chests at every donator zone

Did a fix at Prifdinas agility you could jump back to houses
Wyson will no longer walk outside his house

Removed cannon restriction outside lizardmen shamans.
Xeric Talisman can now be uncharged to be able to drop it for UIM

Fixed multiple shortcuts in Relekka slayer cave
Added weapon poison ++ combining and added to slayer & Blood money store

Karil now drains Agility instead of Magic
Changed dialogue a bit of slayer masters and did some Tureal fixes

Added teleport to lizardmen shamans dungeon
Added teleport to Nightmare boss
Added teleport to Slepe
Added teleport to Corporeal Beast

Updates from discord:

Greatly reduced monkey item droprate
Added alot of shortcuts at Trollheim to get to the trolls
Added hard task slayer chest/coin box drops
New client backrgound Item names for runelite
Get 10k coins per daily task completion
Revenant hobgoblin fix
Added teleport to Tai bwo wannai and monkey boss
Monkey boss now heals if everyone is dead.
Monkey boss does way less damage now with his range/mage attacks but his boulder and reincarnated monkey splash is increased. Monkey has a new HP bar now


Fixed monkey boss tele now teleports you close to the boss.
Made more changes to the boss, you really dont want to get hit by the boulder now.
Lizardmen shaman purple NPCs exploding range decreased Dorgeshuun crossbow fixed
Added ::dz3 tele for $1000+
Double drops scroll price decreased in donor store from 13 to 9

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