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Singing Bowl at Prifdinas for crystal armor/tools/weapons, Nightmare edits + more

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Crystal armour/tools/weapons
Includes fulll crystal armour

All tools (Pickaxe, axe, harpoon)
Weapons(Crystal bow, halberd + spec attack, crystal shield)

The crystal armour seed is obtainable through the Elven crystal chest.
You can find the chest by teleporting to Prifdinas, run north up the stairs and then east.

Added crystal weapon seed to Nightmare loottable
Increased droprate of crystal weapon seed from Alchemical Hydra

Crystal tool seed will be obtainable soon!

The armour and tools and Halberd are degradeable and will turn back into the seed once fully used.


Has sounds now for range & magic attacks makes it easier to pray.
Rest of Nightmare sounds added soon!
You cant re-enter a party if the fight started now.
Flower power special attack should now appear more often in phase 1

Loottable changed. Added various alchables & items to earn some extra GP
Added weapon crystal seed to droptable
Increased damage if you get hit by Nightmare without the right pray.
Spore damage increased if you get hit.
Did a fix to fully prevent cannon entering Nightmare.
Scythe will only hit one time against the turrets now.
All orbs are now tradeable.
Editted bloody merchant shop prices & removed pet drop scroll (adding more items soon)
Various other small edits
More updates for nightmare coming soon let me know how this is!!


Stalls at home except for cake stall also gives GP now.
Did a fix for favorite teleport bug, it should work now, let me know!
Nightmare orbs tradeable now

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Really like the update!

Nightmare is really a challenge now to do solo, I'm loving it!

Currently the auto attacks (ranged and magic) are very odd to pray against using prayer. Normally you have to put up the protection prayer as the projectile comes towards the player, currently on nightmare you have to put up prayer as the damage splatter comes up, though before this attack hits you Nightmare has already done the next attack animation, thus players protecting against the next while the first hasn't even hit them yet. This feels very unnatural to players that are used to tick praying against attacks. 

Also, I still find it hard to decide what I'm going to use against the pillars. On Osrs I can deal tons of damage against them using only trident, occult and a tormented bracelet. Currently on Luna It feels very inaccurate and weak, even when using full Ahrim's to boost up the magic accuracy you will end up hitting very low or a lot of 0's.

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