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Skilling events, Sarachnis, Desert Treasure, bug fixes + more

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Two new skilling events + shops to buy awesome items!

These events will appear every few hours (shown in questlog) at different places.
(Announcement will tell you where)
You can earn different type of currency with both events to use in the event shop at home.
These shops will be updated with more items with players suggestions!

The events can damage you. Be sure to bring food, if you dodge the attacks you wont lose HP, be careful!



With the release of Nightmare I figured it would be a good time to release Sarachnis because he has a pretty good crush weapon to use at Nightmare and other things, and a good loottable in general.
Now available in Forthos Dungeon.
Teleport added for Forthos Dungeon in the teleport interface.


Desert Treasure quest
The Archeologist needs help! He needs you to defeat multiple monsters because they are pestering him!

Holy Wrench
250k GP
15 min XP scroll
Ancient staff
Full ghost robes
Minimum req. to start quest:
60 magic



A nurse that heals you or gets rid of poison/venom etc.
Will be used at duel arena, donor zones, funPK andmultiple other spots.

Blade of Saeldor

Will be released soon!


Fixed quickprayer for runelite & mobile

Changed savings of donator ranks for support staff being able to have donator rank & staff rank at the same time.
Nightmare lag fixes (deletes map after and other small things)
Temporary removed spores for phase 3 Nightmare.
Nightmare orbs are now tradeable
You now need a mirror shield to fight Basilisk knights
Dragon spear fixed

Wyverns dropped a really weird fire rune, fixed now.
Fixed several drops, made alot of items drop noted instead of unnoted instead.
Fixed second singing bowl at Prifdinas.
Hide hair is fixed for multiple items now
DFS special fix, you sometimes get stuck after using it.
Weapon poison++ with abby dagger fixed
All the teleport tabs now got their correct teleport coords and you can teleport with them now.
Removed Revenants cave cannon restriction
Position changed Taverley teleport
Position changed Mos le harmless teleport
Cows will now Moo! Instead of moo. (The ! added)
Crystal Halberd PVP fix


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