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New events, added more items to skilling events + bug fixes & more

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We have added more events!
(Wintertodt, increased points & XP)
Double PC points
Double Blood Money


Added more items to the skilling event shops.

The new coin pouch will now give between 400-500k.
Added herb box gives you 10 different herbs.
Clay pack
Bag full of gems
Mining gloves
Dragon axe
Magic logs

GP changes
We have changed some ways to obtain more GP.
Coin pouch from events give between 400-500k
Increased GP amount for alot of quests
Increased GP amount from crystal chest & elven crystal chest
Increased GP amount daily tasks. 75k ea task and complete all tasks = 250k
Caskets from rock crabs GP increased
Increased coin box from slayer amount
Abbysal whip high alch increased to 150k

You can now pray the range attack from Angry monkey custom boss to make him easier to solo/duo
Fixed timers for Crystal trees, shooting stars & Bloody merchant event.
Nightmare has correct projectile height now.
Fertile soil now gives magic & farming XP
Decreased hit amount skilling events & increased delay gives you more time to run from the attack
Fixed pickpocketting issue with the dwarf at home
Fixed a dupe with herb box & re-added to event shop
Fixed ore depleting too fast for shooting stars event
Pest Control now spawns less spinners
NPCs desert treasure now despawns after killing them
Imbued page is now 300 slayer points in slayer store
Crystal tree spawns changed a bit you now wont get "somewhere in Prifdinas" anymore


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