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::help (Server Q&A), Change home location, Plant Cure + lots of bug fixes

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Added a list with frequently asked questions to help new players get familiar with everything about the server.
This list can be accessed through the book new players now get in their inventory or 
through ::help.
Also if you talk to the NPCs you can change your home at you can get access to the list aswell.

In preperation for more players you can now change your home to Prifdinas or Ferox Enclave
aswell by talking to the NPCs by the house where the makeover mage resides.
It costs 5m to change your home and another 5m to change it back to the normal home teleport.


Added plant cure spell & Fixed all teleports for Lunar spellbook
God wars donor edits
Fixed timers for antipoison and super antipoison


Cannon restriction Nightmare lobby
Sarachnis cudgel fixed & now usuable
Loottable revenants editted, you can now get looting bag and bracelet easier and added another tier of emblems to the middle-level revenants
Fix for nightmare distance
Sarachnis double attacks removed
Added cannon restriction to revenants, not the whole cave
More GP from Pest Control
Relekka fence & fremennik slayer shortcut
You can now create tiaras
Fixed farming growth timers
Removed some shit drops from Nightmare (Yew logs + some smaller things)
Removed ancient cave ladder functions
Sarachnis now spawns 2 minions instead
Fixes for wyverns (respawn and death timers)
Pyrefiend fix loot & respawn ticks
Removed zul andra and key master teleports from loottable
Fight caves wave changes for players & donors
Added GP drops for skeletons & ghosts & scorpions
Fixed corsair cove dungeon entrance
Added all teleports to lunar spellbook
Added fixes for a huge amount of slayer tasks & other fixes to make everything more stable
Added support to add multiple homes
Added Q&A, type ::help or use the beginner help book from home
Did a fix for shooting star weird attack
Added teleport to Home

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