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Mining Guide 2021

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hi everyone, welcome to my first guide for 2021! (updated) please take in note this is a long version guide but a efficient way! 

to get this started, grab any pickaxe, and teleport to lumbridge, making your way to lumbridge swamp. mine exactly 2 tin and 2 copper ores (4 total) to reach level 14.

home teleport and head to the portal, click on the light bulb and enter "ice", and click on Asgarnia ice cave, when there run West, then North, then East, then South a tiny few steps, and South East for Blurite Ore (1 total) for level 15.

head to varrock east and mine iron ores (3 total) for level 20.

go to luna teleports portal and head to champions guild, and head North West to the silver ore (9 total) for level 30.

head to mining guild and mine coal ores (9 total) for level 35.

use lunar teleports, and head to bandit camp, and make your way West from Khardian Desert, and mine sandstone (10 total) for level 40.

head to crafting guild and mine gold ore (12 total) for level 45.

head back to Khardian Desert and mine granite (55 total) for level 55.

head to the mining guild and mine mithril ore (244 total) for level 70

stay in the mining guild and mine adamant ore (xxx total)

(pls don't post. Will be continued tomorrow)

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