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Revamped home map, safespots, Nightmare zone, LMS, bug fixes & more

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First of I figured home map really needed a revamp
- Everything closer
- Houses moved/changed
- Tournament at home
- Make it look overall better and added small details etc

- Replaced all NPCs at home & editted tutorial to work with the new map.
- Overall improvements and new things added to tutorial


Nightmare zone
Some NPCs hitting through prayer is now fixed
- Increased points overall
- Decreased alot of item prices in shops.
 + XP scroll from 800k to 750k
 + Herb box from 15.5k to 15k.
 + Rock cake from 400k to 100k
 + 24-carrot sword from 5m to 4m
 + Absorption potion from 5k to 2k

GWD altar donor fix

Your auto cast will now be remembered when switching weapons

Added dharok recoil effect for amulet of the damned

Alot of edits to saving

Fixed d claws & zamorakian spear & dhl wearable by level 3s

Increased GP amount playing tournament.

Voting 135k instead of 125k

Fixed Paladin loot (ardougne)

Fixed paladin & guard not dying in ardougne

Agression & safe spot fix for Olm, Vorkath, Bandos and Zamorak boss at god wars.

Superior Nechryarch fixed

Fixed dropposition for baby krakens at whirlpool and cleaned up Kraken cove.

Multiple NPCs now open shop with talk-to and trade option. Same for sigmund

Mac now displays all capes

Multiple runelite edits (coming soon)

Skillcape perks

Herblore skillcape perks added
- Search cape for pestle & mortar.
- +1 boost with "boost"

Added defence skill cape perks
- Ring of life perk

Ecumenical key can now be obtained through wilderness god wars.

Keldragrim is now open with all its shops and future updates.
- Loads of shops

More cannon restrictions added to prevent cannons entering at places it shouldnt.

Fixed crafting/smithing silver bar into various jewelry with a now working interface

Anti venom and ++ also cures you of venom & poison now, not just the timed protection.

You can now drink wine

Fixed desert amulet

Added a pool and teleporter in Nardah, Prifdinas and Ferox Enclave

Editted super mystery book, added Nightmare items & removed some shit items

Added coin pouch to aerial shop
Decreased prices aerial shop

Your autocast wont be remembered in wilderness

Restriction to use the spec bar next to minimap in Wilderness


Last Man Standing is almost done and will be released soon!!

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POG. Yeah skillcape boosts and abilities definitely need an update, good to see it's been noticed. If I had ot be honest, the max cape could use a re-work too as it is difficult asf to navigate it for bonuses, teleports etc. Also maybe max cape when you select "boost" maybe it could give a +1 boost to every skill ;] 


all in all solid update, lookin good B)

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