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    The Frozen Prison Edits done to Seren Multiple edits done to Necromancer boss Increased overall rewards & chances inside The Frozen Prison MISC Edits done stabilisation Pest Control Coin pouch at Nightmare Zone no longer steals your GP Edgeville wilderness lever coords fixed Vote shop ticket exchange fixed Multiple home fixes Bob the cat now takes off paint from Dark Bows Gold gauntlets now also work at Blast Furnace Fixed aggro issues Kourend Guard Silver creation fixed (tiaras etc) Added wool to ironman 2 shop Piscalirius fishing teleport Kourend castle teleport Bryophyta teleport Added a bunch of new items for future updates (like headless head!) Completed Morytania diary Almost completed Western Provinces diary Multiple edits done to Theatre Of Blood
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    Depending on the severity of the rule broken, We as a team are allowed to change the right to change or modify ANY of the rules listed without notice. All punishments are final, until they are appealed by the player! You are allowed to play another account while you wait out your punishment on your main account. If you continue similar behavior on your other account, this is what we call punishment evasion. Your punishment from your main account will follow on your alternate account your punishment will be severe. 1. Player harassment and inappropiate language and content Probably one of the most important rules We have a zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player aswell as the use of disrespectful language. Think about a persons belief/religon, sexual preference, racial slurs etc. 1st offense: 1h mute | 2nd offense 6h mute | 3rd offense: 24h mute and 500 ores jailed 2. Spamming Any form of spam will not be tolerated. Use the ingame auto chat feature if you wish to auto chat. 3. Advertising for other servers 1st offense: 48h mute | 2nd offense: Permanent mute | 3rd offense: Perm. ban 4. Threats Any type of threats will not be tolerated. Think about endangering someones life security or reputation. Minor offense: Perm. ban Major offense: IP ban 5. Encouraging others to break rules Regardless if the other party is aware of said rule, action will be taken. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 16 hour mute | 3rd offense: 48 hour mute | 4th offense: Perm mute 6. Backseat moderation If a player continuously attempts to insert themselves in the middle of any moderation duties they will be punished. This will only happen if a player CONTINUOUSLY does this. Players helping a mod in a conversation is allowed. We have a staff team for that for a reason. 1st offense: 2 hour mute | 2nd offense: 6 hour mute | 3rd offense: 24 hour mute 7. Clan chat rules invading and joining other peoples clan chats. Taking Clan issues out of the CC, and bringing them into Public Chat, yell etc Joining another Clan/CC for intent of advertising your/someones Clan. Any type of Clan on Clan public drama is not tolerated. 8. Rules main clan chat Do not advertise other CC’s in the main clan chat Please do not give misleading/false information when help is needed. Please use English in the help CC! 1st Offense: Kick from CC | 2nd Offense: 2h mute | 3rd Offense: Ban from CC 9. Third Party Software Any software that is used to allow the member to have an unfair advantage in any way will result in punishment. We want to create a fair environment where all players have an equal chance of all of our features. Software includes automation tools, macros, bots, and auto-clickers. This includes the development of scripts for said bots. Macro Farms (3+ accounts macroing at same time) will result in an automatic IP Ban for all accounts involved. We reserve the right to reset your stats if we deem it appropriate. Anyone found creating/using/distributing macros will be IP banned. 1st Offense: 4H Ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] |2nd Offense: 16H ban [Botted skills Reset To Level 1] | 3rd Offense: 48 hour ban | 3rd Offense: Perm. ban 10. Real World Trading/Account Selling The act of trading ccurrency, items, services, etc for outside currency is NOT allowed. This includes but is not limited to; RSGP, fiat currencies, IRL goods/services, online currencies, etc. Both parties will be punished if found to be doing so. The act of trading/selling, or the attempt of trading/selling, any account for other goods will not be allowed on the server, a ban will be issued for the account being traded off. 1st Offense: 24 hour ban | 2nd Offense: Perm ban 11. Bug Abuse Players must not use or attempt to use any bugs or glitches which they may find in our game. Any exploits a player finds is requested to be immediately reported to us through Discord or through any of the admins, Luna pref. Abusing a bug accidently once might occur, this will not be punished but if a bug is continously abused this will be punished. 1st Offense: 1h Ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd Offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: 36h ban + Account loses some levels and items 12. Safespotting NPCs Players must not safespot NPCs that you aren't able to on OSRS. You are, however, allowed to safespot NPCs that can be safespotted on OSRS. As with other bug abuse, any exploits a player finds are to be immediately reported to us through Discord or Luna 1st Offense: 1H Ban | 2nd Offense: 2H Ban | 3rd Offense: 8H Ban 13. Hacking The act of obtaining and/or using another member’s account information for any reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to; obtaining passwords from old DB’s, Brute Forcing, Social Engineering information, RATing, etc. If you are found to be guilty of such acts, you will be removed from our community IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Account & IP Ban 14. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: 1 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 4 hour ban | 3rd offense: 8 hour ban | 4th offense: perm ban 5th offense: IP ban 15. DoXing/Information Leak The act of intentionally mentioning/leaking private information about a player or staff member is NOT tolerated. You will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban 16. False Reports False reports are not tolerated, this includes using the CC/Yell, as well as in-game to spread drama that may or may not be true. These reports should be sent to a Server Support or higher. 1st Offense: 2H Mute | 2nd Offense: 6H Mute 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute 17. Impersonation Impersonating any member of our community rather it be for entertainment, monetary gain, persuasion, etc. will NOT be tolerated. Impersonation of staff will automatically be escalated to a 2nd Offense. 1st Offense: 2 hour ban | 2nd Offense: 12 hour ban | Perm. ban 18. System Security, Penetration Testing, and Exploiting Attempting to exploit and penetrate the security measures of Luna, hardware, or any other devices used by our users or operations of the overall system will be punished. Offense: IP Ban 19. RSPS/Malicious Discord Server Invites Sending other RSPS Discord server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated! 1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums 20. Misleading Links Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. 1st Offense: 12 hour ban Ban on Discord/Forums | 2nd Offense: 16 hour ban | 3rd offense: Perm. ban 21. Farming kills Farmng kills for blood money/pkp is against the rules and this will not be tolerated.
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