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    Birdhouses Birdhouses have been added and are available at Fossil Island! There are 4 birdhouse spots you can place your birdhouse at. You can place seeds in the birdhouse (seeds found on wiki or below!) and after 50 minutes claim a bunch of bird nests and other goodies! - Creating birdhouses through crafting has been added You need a clockwork and a log between normal and redwood, use them on eachother with a hammer and chisel in your inventory. - Clockworks can be made on a crafting table 2 or better in the Workshop of a Player-owned house. A clockwork requires a silver bar and 8 crafting Fossil Island Added mushroom teleportation Fossil Island Added hardwood tree patches Added agility shortcuts Fossil Island Added house On the hill + Mysterious machines The most southern machine is used by using your ruby necklace on the machine to create digsite teleport necklaces. The northern machine is used to create a Wyvern shield with a visage and elemental shield. Added teleport to Fossil Island and Birdhouses Added ways with boat to enter Fossil Island XP rate benefits We are working on adding more benefits for xp rates as we go. We've been working on the droprate benefit and expect it to release soon! 1x XP rate benefits: Increased run regen while wearing graceful Increased prayer amount prayer potions Konar Fixed all of the remaining buggy tasks (wrong coords & npc IDs) All the areas should be fixed now and Konar can officially be used! Konar can be found at home by the other slayer masters and at its original spot. New daily tasks Kill Abyssal Demons 50 times Kill Bryophyta 2 times Kill a player inside a pvp instance Hespori Fixed Hespori timer Fixed Hespori Patch spam clicking issue Fixed hespori seed spam chat issue Chambers Of Xeric You can now obtain points in the Ice chamber in COX Edits done to Large Muttadile POH Added Crafting table in workshop You can now build a spirit tree in POH Lunar Signet now sold at Baba Yaga shop MISC: CONTENT/BUG FIXES Increased XP Chaos Altar Wilderness Added toy horses Editted message achievement lottery Fixed Seagull & elder chaos druid slayer task not counting Removed banker castle wars Added Inventory warning reclaiming cannon to prevent player not receiving full cannon Fixed crevice shortcut at Brimhaven dungeon by the dragons Added bank is full check at Trading Post to prevent item loss Changed attack style Dust Devil to match OSRS Fixes done to banning Kourend spirit tree patch fix Correct burn level for Monkfish Pay-fare to Karamja now works You can now create tiaras & any other silver bar related items again Fixed range issue fighting against players added owner rank to ::players and ::staff Changed coords and removed message farming cape Zulrah edits Some behind the scenes work in terms on owner commands Fixed stairs at Lithkren Fixed various diary tasks
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