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    We've added a bunch of new perks in the store! MASTER CHEF - Cook on a range or fire 1 game tick faster. CANNONBALL MASTER - Allows you to smith cannonballs 2 game tick faster. RC MASTER - 10% chance of double runes when Runecrafting at altars. ANGEL - A 10% chance of getting double exp for each bone used on an altar. TRAPPER - All pray have a higher chance of being lured into your traps with increased trap timeout. Added ::myperks command Misc/bug fixes Daily tasks are now level based giving you better tasks at lower and higher levels + added a bunch of new tasks - More information about the entire daily task changes coming soon! Crystal armour now matches osrs in terms of stats 250+ dono can mine dark essence 1 game tick quicker Fixed dwarf cannon receiving HP XP & increased overall ranged XP from cannon Renamed diary related things in ::help Added requirement & rewards to all quests in the questlog before you start the quest Mithril kite (g) now requires 20 defence You can no longer use ::dep in Chambers Of Xeric Fixed web at mage bank Fixes done to snow effect in Wintertodt Penguin droprate has been reduced again Key droprate xmas event has been reduced The store has been updated with new icons
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