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    Mage Arena You can now kill the mages in the Mage Arena to buy items listed below from Lundails shop in Mage Bank You get inbetween 1-2 points per kill at Mage Arena Wandering trader: Changed timer from 16 hours to 12 hours Re-added certain items: - Scythe of Vitur - Nightmare staff -Volatile Orb - Spectral spirit shield - Arcane spirit shield - Elysian spirit shield - Zenyte shard Misc/bug fixes Added a way for UIM to take items out of looting bag at Ferox Enclave & Home Increased stock of fire/air runes at home Added a check if you try to remove an item from trading post wether your bank is full or not Rune dragon aggressive fixes Added ::sr ::staffroom command (For support and above) Fixed metamorphosis for inferno pet Changes to daily reward chest, added some new items Changed pvm shop coin rewards, made them a bit cheaper
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