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    New updated donator zone! Exciting times ahead! We've updated our donator zone! The zone has a hub at ::dz, from there you can enter all zones, dz4 has a special ::dz4 too, here is some of the information regarding new zones: All Donator Zones come with: XP boosts: DZ hub & DZ1: 8% XP boost DZ2: 12% XP boost DZ3: 18% XP boost DZ4: 22% XP boost A wearable trophy, bronze mithril rune and dragon obtainable in zones Banks Preset Statue Reju Pools Occult Altar Teleporter Sandpit Chaos Altar Fairy/Spirit Tree Larrans/Deadmans/Brimstone Chests Slayer Masters Dz1 -> karambwan and angler fishing willows/maples/teaks woodcutting zone gem rock mining orange salamander farming patch Dz2 -> Karambwan/Angler/Sharks fishing Maples/Yews woodcutting zone mithril/coal/gem rock mining red salamander thieving stalls death altar runecrafting furnace Dz3 -> Monkfish/Angler/Karambwan fishing Mahogany/Teak/Maple/Yew woodcutting zone Red chinchompas and orange salamanders thieving NPCs death/blood/soul/dark altar runecrafting furnace and anvil proximity to bank Dz4 -> Angler/Karambwan/Barbarian fishing + cooking next to bank Teak/Maple/Yew and Redwood woodcutting zone Red Chinchompas/Orange and Red salamanders thieving NPCs death/blood/soul/dark + dense essence mining close to bank furnace and anvil next to bank Updated home map We've done it! We went through the maps and voted, in just a few hours this is the current outcome: Thank you for voting! You are the ones that make Luna better everyday! Because of such a SMASHING result we will update this map right now: Bug fixes/QoL: Ring of wealth (i) now properly removes "Empty" tables, increasing odds on better items greatly Instead of a bucket of water you can also wear ice gloves now for a fire spirit to spawn using the bonfire at Wintertodt or donator zones Shooting stars rock has been updated to match osrs one with special animations as it gets mined! Can now check loot of PK chest again Greatly increased odds for leveling tier emblems during Wilderness slayer, the rates are more than halved! Tier 2: 1/80 Tier 3: 1/150 Tier 4: 1/150 Tier 5: 1/150 Tier 6: 1/195 Tier 7: 1/230 Tier 8: 1/230 Tier 9: 1/300 Tier 10: 1/400 Canceling slayer task Donator benefit change, points return when canceling task, before it was 50% as master donator and above, this is the change: 50+ spend: 15% return (5 points) 100+ spend: 20% return (6 points) 250+ spend: 25% return (8 points) 500+ spend: 35% return (11 points) 1000+ spend: 45% return (13 points) 2500+ spend: 50% return (15 points) 5000+ spend: 60% return (18 points) 10000+ spend: 75% return (22 points) Updates from discord: Fixed issue at Zamorak with the black interface not fully filling the screen Fixed issue with Divines not properly working, they should now properly function! Alchemical Hydra loot now appears at same time as the other loot Fixed issue with Venator Bow bounce arrow not bouncing after shooting and instantly walking away The new donator zones have been added but not made functional yet, coming soon! Added more bot checks You can now only destroy looting bag in Ferox Enclave or the Wilderness Other fixes
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