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  1. Your Name:Indrek Age:34 Your Location:(born Estonia, Live, Germany) Average Amount Of: Gameplay:4-15h Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position:Support/Moderator Staff Experience:None Rs/Rsps Experience:18+ year Goals:Just doing work what other staff seems not doing... Weaknesses:Alcoholic Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?:Tell him to PM and deal him with there. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?:PM Luna. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?:If i have something small to give him, i do it! allways like to help ppl out. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive?:Depens on what he/she doing and why, then we can talk about punishment...Punishment, depens on what i can do!(rules) Will you follow the rules when you punish a player?:Im conservative, ofc!
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