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  1. Cheistnas is over for me but entering because i think tinezones are so different i entered on the 24th for most X.D so merry christmas again to all love yous all
  2. Merry christmas all sorry i can annoy yous at times but love yous all and hope you all have a great holiday and day today much love and happy days
  3. Lesss gooo Christmas Eve im all out of stories tbh but you know something that reminds me of Christmas is family bbqs , lunches and dinners and the act of giving
  4. So close to Christmas seeing all the lights people are putting up lets me know how close we are
  5. My Christmas in nz it snowed and i tried riding up a hill on my bike but the roads were so icy i started slipping backwards about 3/4 the way up and had to struggle up rest of way
  6. Time to pull out the egg nog jk jk i just drink rum but merryrum and a bottle of fun Christmas ting
  7. gingerbread and beer is a christmas essential trust its a odd mix but lifes odd and so was my uncle lelel he was an alcoholic no judgement
  8. On the 14th day of christmas luna gave to me.....
  9. We wish you a merry christmas and a a happppppyyy new year !!!:) hellujah love this server and everyone hear will be om to celebrate christmas with you all
  10. *ceeeeeelebrate good times come on* lyrics to this song i forget the name of but its always playing around christmas and is cheerful asf
  11. Seeing christmas lights being put up everywhere reminds me that were nearly at christmas XD
  12. Rudolf that reindeer name always rings a bell and i hear it alot in christmas songs around this time of the year
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