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  1. the website URL was tatted on ya mum's ass cheek
  2. Possibility to make varrock chest lvl 1 defense for pures as well as maybe some bonus stats compared to OSRS'?
  3. POG. Yeah skillcape boosts and abilities definitely need an update, good to see it's been noticed. If I had ot be honest, the max cape could use a re-work too as it is difficult asf to navigate it for bonuses, teleports etc. Also maybe max cape when you select "boost" maybe it could give a +1 boost to every skill ;] all in all solid update, lookin good B)
  4. We should add a 3rd Donator zone for $500 and higher donators (value could change) This new Donator Zone should include (Not ALL listed below, but maybe some - most): -Dark Crab fishing spots -Wrath Altar -Dragon Impling spawns -Shop that sells blood rune packets as well as wrath rune packets -Prayer Potties -Seed Pod (Community Member suggestion sent to me) -Construction Items (Community Member suggestion sent to me) -Gems (Community Member suggestion sent to me) -Astral Runes (Community Member suggestion sent to me) -Dart Tips (Community Member suggestion sent to me) -New Vote shop (Only Item I can think of for the vote shop would be like a $10 Donator Scroll for 100 Vote Points) - This is very farfetched but this is for ideas not demands
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