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  1. Ooooooooooooo ❤❤ aside from the disabling of my pet vvv nice update though nonetheless!
  2. LOL! No more bored cows they all excited af to be in LunaOrs now
  3. Simp

    Herblore Guide

    Yassss! From the Herblore God himself too?!
  4. Amazing as always Lulla In depth enough, but not so much reading I wanna shoot myself
  5. Simp

    Hydra Guide

    Awesome! Great guide I think I can take thi guy on now and not get smacked maybe for another guide but I think yuh should explain tick eating briefly as well at has saved me more times than I can count XD
  6. The vibe when yuh walk into mall or something and everybody is happy and shopping away
  7. The smell of gingerbread in the morning :3
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