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  1. Zolcano, fun way to earn a bit of runecraft xp instead of just altars.. -Hespori, because well we all know the skill is mind numbingly boring aha, Could also be a good way to earn points for things crystal tools, fashionscape -Farming guild, I love the place that is all... -A world boss not just wildy boss. I'm talking has to be mass event or it can't be killed kind of boss... maybe a store in which you get damage points to buy things so those players who deal less damage still benefit -Wilderness chests, green red blue keys all different in rarity to give any number of items From 18 coal all the way to things such as dhcb, vesta, statius, claws but at a slim chance . -Blast furnace more so for those irons that play or those wanting 200m xp -Lower well fill price to 10m so it becomes more active and acts as a good money sink -When mining have the chance to get more than one ore from any rock (basically like iron) -Shooting star & evil tree because well make skilling more entertaining -duo slayer Will add a lot more on here.. Didn't want to put to much with the update due and most of it ending up already done
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