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  1. Luna

    KC #4

    Omg lol!!
  2. Benefits: COSTUM GRACEFUL OUTFIT FOR DONORS, BOUGHT IN Donator Zone! More mage skillcape book swaps a day for donators
  3. Im going to add most of this, good ideas!
  4. . This is a small list of things we've done. Everything is in our discord #updates. Link to discord: https://discord.gg/EDwkKF5 From now on there will be a weekly list of updates done that week! - Added 1v1 Tournaments for epic loot! - Added examine NPC droprate - Added XP rates from x1 x1 to x50 x25, we have 4 different rates! - Awesome new home - Loads and loads and I mean LOADS of bug fixes! - New quest log - Donator zone with benefits - Mobile updates, a better looking chat now - Loads of new stores, slayer, tournament, daily task stores - Daily tasks - Achievements - Trading Post! And so much MORE!
  5. Be sure to join our awesome Discord! We post almost every Update over there! LINK: https://discord.gg/EDwkKF5
  6. Love u dude hope to see you in the server often! Chat is better now!
  7. Luna


    Great that we got it fixed haha!
  8. Luna


    Be sure to login through Email!
  9. Luna


    Hello, try now.
  10. The server has officially launched for about a week now. And so far things has been going great! Lots of bug fixes and fun!
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