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  1. Shadow Chao and Jake all get pmd the updates luna stop showing me who's dicks get sucked
  2. I see surm and 50k got early access Non the less brother amazing update! So you've done so much man and should be proud
  3. Luna is the best and what she said^
  4. Also Googled, osrs private servers.
  5. Tds


    Looking for staff role, any role. Great at doing pvm, lives for events and on pre much all the time. Dedicated af, will to do most things but get on knees. Willing to help players in all aspects of the game. Have a very large Runescape history and knowledge of most content out my butt. Been at Luna a while now had my ups and downs. (Been a diq head I know) but feel more confident in later days. Looking to add as much possible to the server as I possibly can. With my not so talented skills of bring a mad dawg. Thanks for listening to my speech. Downfall mobile only. Make it seem like I'm on pc sometimes with my fast af thumbs
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