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  1. nevermind, i deleted some random runelite folders in my drive and it fixed it lol.
  2. So my client isnt working now, i first logged into the game was playing for about 30 mins or so, then my game froze to i restarted and went to download the client, and now no matter what i download as soon as it finishes the little loading bar, it crashes. ive updated java and still doesnt work. any help? thanks.
  3. Man i've been looking for a server FOREVER to do relics so maybe since this server is relatively small someone will listen. I think it would be a GREAT idea and attract a lot of people if there was a relic system. One of the mods say it would ruin the economy but WAIT. Leagues is pretty much entirely ironmen right? so the server could have a relic/league mode (you choose it when you make your account at the beginning like you do ironman.) and you cant trade or use the trading post just like an ironman, hence not ruining the economy. Looking online i've seen so many people searching for a server like this and if advertised correctly should bring a lot of people. Relics would be simple upgrades you can add to your character just like in leagues, after you complete a set list of tasks or whatever, that do things like make your weapon attack twice as fast, do 15% more damage, or give you extra crops when farming etc. It would be so much fun and add an exciting twist on the game. Thanks for taking the time for reading this!
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