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  1. Hey there we've been actively working on fixes for our mobile app. Apologies for the inconvenience with this major release, We'd love to get more info if you could join our discord: https://discord.gg/musg4ph3 We've also recently updated the Android app as compared to the download links that were available pre-release. If you could try to uninstall and redownload from our "Play" page. Thank you!
  2. We've recently updated the app. Can you please try uninstalling the one you currently have and re-installing from our Play page
  3. Phenomenal Update. Absolutely amazing level of detail. Again and again & AGAIN!
  4. 1:1 sexyyyyyy explosive. Its the attention to detail. Actually amazing as always
  5. Hello

    Can't login?

    Be sure to login with your email and password. We'd love to help you out 1 on 1, feel free to join our discord https://discord.com/invite/pP4aSjrB
  6. We have now reached levels of engineering never thought possible by human kind. EPIC update, can’t wait to try out RoS!
  7. Love the new look! Great stuff!
  8. Thanks! Always Clean & Simple
  9. This looks like way too much fun! Awesome mechanics! Can't wait!
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