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  1. As always a beautiful Update! Can't wait to see it tomorrow Good Job Luna & Devs + Staff for the countless hours working on preparing this MASSIVE update!
  2. Fear

    Bug fixes & more

    Woah! What a jam packed update! Love it!! Can’t wait to see it! Good job Luna
  3. Glad to be apart of this update and can’t wait to see everything after work! Great work Luna and devs and big Ups to all the staff and players who helped me with ideas on how to make the new home improved!
  4. I also Google'd "Osrs mobile private server" as my friends were mostly mobile only. Bringing myself and them along from Novea to Luna
  5. Another fantastic QoL update! good work man
  6. Age: 27 Your Location: United States - West Coast (PST) Average Amount Of Gameplay: During the week I am mostly on after I get home from work for approximately 5-6 hours each day. On the weekends, unless I have stuff to attend to, I am mostly on all day for 10+ hours. Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: I am applying for the Player Support Position, as I believe everyone starts from a learning aspect when becoming a staff member. I believe I am most qualified for this position despite my short tenure thus far being on the server due to my time spent getting to know staff and players and helping where I can. I have joined with a huge want to make Luna a great place for everyone I meet. Since joining I have done my best to help ease the workload of both staff and players and had a hand in bringing new ideas to the table. Whether that is from working on the forums - creating new guides, helping renovate current guides, giving ideas on new possible In-game Events, or fixes with end-game content. I have always felt a bigger sense of pride in helping everyone, whenever I can. Staff Experience: In current years, I have not been a staff member anywhere; However, in the past I have been various staff roles throughout my years of experience on RSPS'. I was a Co-Owner for a server back in 2013-2014, an Administrator for quite a number of servers, as well as a Moderator/Support for others. Rs/Rsps Experience: Runescape has always been a part of my life growing up. I was introduced to the game by my older brother, and we would play it non-stop when we got home from school (of course after our homework was finished ). It wasn't until 2011 that I started to dive deep into the RSPS scene, but I have had immense experience since then. Goals: My goals are to continue what I have been doing since I joined Luna, and just help everyone with anything where I can find myself useful. I want to learn a lot leaning server-sided (ex. Coding) as well as Advertising/Marketing and getting Luna's name out there! Weaknesses: I believe my biggest weakness is taking on too much at once. I find myself having the most pride and dedication when learning and helping others, however with that always comes the tail end. I don't believe it is a bad quality to have, but I sometimes will take on too much workload and if I am not doing enough in my eyes, I feel bummed about it. What is resorted from that, and where I find myself having a bad quality, is that I can be a bit troll-ish to counteract the stress/depression I get from feeling like I am not doing enough/everyday stressors. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would remind him of the several commands we have to help guide him in the direction he is looking for, immediately following that however, I would remind him that it's been brought to my attention that when he becomes toxic towards players, they have a problem with it and that there are rules set in place that everyone must follow to make Luna enjoyable for everyone. If he continues after the warnings, depending on how severe the toxicity was, I would either handle it myself accordingly, or bring it to a higher staff member and have a discussion on what should be done. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I would first provide evidence of the abuse and present it to Luna himself, depending on rank/nature of abuse, it is within the Owners power to deal with staff members abusing their powers and not up to another staff member. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: Gaining free items is always great, especially when starting out. If it is something simple and well within my normal player ability to give them the item, I don't see a problem with helping someone out. However if it is a big/expensive item, or they are consistently begging for an item/item(s), I would let them know that I am sorry, but I am unable to give them the item/item(s) they are asking for. Instead I would help and guide them on how they can achieve the items themselves. Of course if I am in a position where spawning in items is possible, I would never under any circumstances, unless directed to by Luna himself, to give items/spawn items for a player. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? Like all punishments, it is based on how severe the harassment is to another player/player(s). The easiest solution is to simply come to an understanding between each of the players involved and ensure everyone is mutually respective of each other; in this case, no punishment would be required. However if that is not the nature of the harassment, or is not able to come to an understanding, a mute and/or jail sentence would be the next appropriate punishment. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I am a firm believer in that if you are granted the power to make decisions, you have the responsibility to follow the same consequences of those decisions. With that being said, I would follow the rules of Luna regardless of any situation that arises.
  7. ✦INTRODUCTION✦ In this Guide we will be going over the several ways for you; the player, to begin making money on Luna RSPS. Each section will go in-depth on how you can go about making money in each of the areas. It may seem like a lot, but don't worry, we will get through it together! Feel free to comment any suggestions and or other ideas you may have about how to make money on Luna. Credits: Thank you to @Frozen Loner for the original Money Making Guide Thanks to @Luna and @tikalo for their help in updating the methods that will be discussed. Lets begin shall we! ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― 》Section I: Quests《 First we will go over how many Quests there are, what they look like when incomplete, and what they look like completed. This is what your quest tab will look like when first joining Luna, through completing these quests you will net yourself some money along with other rewards depending on the quest. This is what your quest tab will look like when you finish every quest offered by Luna. Every quest gives you at the minimum 100k gp, with the exception to quests such as 'The Necromancer' which will net you more gp, along with other things such as Crystal Keys, XP Scrolls, and other rewards. Do in-game command ::guides to get help with Quests. 》Section II: Thieving《 As a new player to Luna, this will be your initial way of making some quick money to start out. We will go over the areas you can thieve, and what you can thieve in this section. To start out, head West from the bank at home and you'll find the 'Stalls' as well as the 'Man' you can thieve from, this will give you GP as well as items in which you can take to Sigmund NPC and sell to him. Another way to gain some good money from thieving is to visit 'Heroes' and 'Elves' 'Heroes' can be found by taking the Teleporter found at Home to the City of Ardougne. *Note Heroes require Lvl 80 thieving in order to Pickpocket 'Elves' can be found by taking the Teleporter to the City of Lletya. *Note Elves require Lvl 85 thieving in order to Pickpocket A final area that is great money making for thieving is to visit the 'Vyres' in Darkmeyer. Here you are able to receive an item known as a Blood Shard which sells for a good amount of money. *Note Vyres can only be Pickpocketed after completing the 'Darkmeyer Quest' and requiring Lvl 82 thieving in order to Pickpocket If you don't like the idea of mindlessly right clicking an NPC to gain gp, the last area we will discuss is The Pyramid Plunder. you can get here by using the Teleporter at Home, under the 'Skilling' tab. At high thieving levels you can make anywhere from 2.5m-3m per hour, and if you receive the Pharaoh's Sceptre, you gain 30% more gp inside the plunder (while wielding sceptre). 》Section III: Slayer《 The most notable and profitable method with a splash of luck would be - Slayer. However with that comes a great amount of time and effort in order to make money. Instead of going through all the different types of Slayer tasks and what you can do, we will keep this section short as a Slayer Guide would be more suitable for in-depth. Simply put, while Slayer training you can obtain Coin Pouches and Slayer Chests. Items that can be obtained from these are crystal keys, GP, Tier 1 Emblems, etc. 》Section IV: Events《 In this section we will be going over the (3) main types of Events hosted on Luna and how each can help you on your path to making millions! Skilling Event Skilling Events can be found in questlog (under the timed section). When you complete these events you have the ability to buy money pouches from the skilling stores and that will net you anywhere from 250k-750k GP. Wilderness Event Wildy event bosses (also under the timed section) can net you atleast 500k GP everytime you participate in the event. With this event you will also be able to obtain Wilderness Keys, if you'd like to read more about these check them out using command ::help 25. These will also net you another 500k per key as well as a roll on the loot table as well. In these events, the Wilderness Volcano is a great way to receive Blood Money, upwards of 50k Blood Money. If you manage to solo the Volcano, you can make close to 1.5m gp in little to no time. Tournament Event Tournaments are a great way to gain gear super early on, items such as Fighter Torso, Mage Book, Barrows Gear, and much more. Tournaments are free to enter, instanced minigames that give you both temporary gear and skill level requirements in order to fight against other players for a Blood Money prize. Blood Money can be exchanged for gear at NPC shops, or sold directly to other players either by trading or on the Trading Post. The Blood Money shop can be found by visiting Nieve located East of the Home Bank. *The Blood Merchant NPC can also appear as a Wilderness Event. This NPC's shop changes every time it appears, and usually carries items like Barrows along with other high tier items. Take note that this NPC is located in the Wilderness so there is a risk when visiting. If you manage to trade this NPC note that you will also receive a high-risk skull and if you die, you will lose all your items.* 》Section V: Revenant Caves《 Probably one of the most risky, yet profitable methods on making GP would be the Revenant Caves. It does not require much in terms of getting started, however as a new player this is a very dangerous area to begin due to wealth that comes out of here and being situated in a PK'ing area - The Wilderness. A good start to this area would be reading guides on the Revenant Caves, knowing escape routes and how/when to use an Amulet of Glory in order to escape. Make sure you are prepared to risk some GP as you could very well be killed in this location, so don't bring along valuables you do not want to lose. The Revenants found within this cave all share the same drop table, and being low levels you yourself do not have to be a high level in order to kill them. The higher the level of the Revenant you kill, the increased rate at which you can receive loot. A helpful hint would be to acquire Level 89 in Agility for the fastest escape possible. 》Section VI: Voting《 Voting is one of the easiest ways to make some quick money to get you those supplies you need! Simply use the command ::vote in-game and it will bring you to the webpage to vote on 6 websites. Rewards for voting are as follow: 75k GP each Vote Easy ~ Master Casket every 6 Votes Vote mystery book every 30 Votes (has quite a few skilling/gp/gear rewards) Mystery Box every 100 Votes 2x Super Mystery Book every 250 Votes *You can also join the vote lottery for 1 vote ticket and every entry the vote reward will go up by 100k gp. ex. if 20 players participate, that is 2m gp vote reward along with a mystery box* 》Section VII: Barrows《 Barrows is a relatively simple minigame that does not require high stats or gear in order to complete. To see a price of each piece of barrows item do in-game command ::prices . If you are unsure how to do Barrows a guide may be put out in order to help you navigate. You can either sell the armor pieces on the Trading Post or to Sigmund for a reduced price. 》Section VIII: Miscellaneous《 A few miscellaneous methods of making money would be to obtain certain items that players actively are in need of. I.e, Dragon Bones - Herbs - Seeds - Ores - Bars. Dragon Bones are a very popular item in demand as all players are in need of Prayer. Green Dragons found in the Wilderness or Myth Guild are the two most popular places to gain Dragon Bones. Dragons will drop noted bones if you donate at least $10 and obtain the Bronze Donator Rank. With teleports to and from Green Dragons, as well as holding noted bones, you can easily bank and drink from the pool before teleporting back to continuing your vast wealth of Dragon Bones. Certain Herbs are also very popular for players to gain from you to further their advancement in Herblore. A few good herbs to collect are Toadflax (used for Saradomin Brews) and Torstol (used for Super Combat Potions as well as Anti-Venom Potions). ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― If you have any other suggestions on what to add to this guide, feel free to comment below or DM me on Discord/PM me in-game.
  8. Fear

    Price Guide Template

    Luna Price Guide Template Use CTRL + F to search for an item. Color Legend 1gp - 1M 1M - 10M 10M - 50M 50M - 250M 250M+ Miscellaneous Blood Money : 30gp-40gp per Zulrah Scale : 200gp-300gp per Revenant Ether : 300gp-400gp per Dragon Bones : 15k-20k per Superior Dragon Bones : 35k-50k per Dagannoth Bones : 20k-25k per Hydra Bones : 25k-30k per Crystal Key : 100k-150k per Tooth/Loop Half of Key : 50k-75k per Supplies Cannon Set : 1.2m Saradomin Brew(4) : 30k-35k per Super Combat Potion(4) : 30k-40k per Stamina Potion(4) : 20k-25k per Super Restore(4) : 20k-25k per Dragon Arrows : 5k per Dragon Darts : 5k per Dragon Knives : 1k per Dragon Throwaxes : 1k per Dragonstone Bolts (e) : 2.5k per Ruby Bolts (e) : 2k per Onyx Bolts (e) : 12k per Amethyst Arrows : 3k per Cannon Balls : 600gp per Skilling Gear/Supplies Dragon Harpoon : 1m Dragon Pickaxe : 8m-10m Dragon Axe : 4m-5m Anglerfish : 5k per Cooked Karambwan : 3k per Runite Bar : 13k per Adamantite Bar : 4k per Mithril Bar : 2k per Gold Bar : 500gp per Runite Ore : 10k per Adamantite Ore : 2k per Mithril Ore : 1k per Coal Ore : 500gp per Gold Ore : 1k per Magic Logs : 4k per Yew Logs : 2k per Maple Logs : 1k per Mahogany Logs : 5k per Teak Logs : 2k per Mahogany Plank : 7k per Teak Plank : 4k per Godwars Godsword shards : 500k per Godsword blade : 1-2m Armadyl Helmet : 10m-12m Armadyl Chestplate : 18m-22m Armadyl Platelegs : 30m-35m Armadyl Godsword : 40m-50m Bandos Chestplate : 20m Bandos Tassets : 25m Bandos Boots : 1m Bandos Godsword : 15m-18m Armadyl Crossbow : 25m Saradomin Godsword : 20m-25m Saradomin Sword : 2.5m Saradomin's Light : 15m Staff of Light : 22m Staff of the Dead : 8m Toxic Staff of the Dead : 16m Zamorak Godsword : 5m Zammy Spear/Hasta : 12m-15m Steam Battlestaff : 500k per Dagannoth Kings Archers Ring : 5m Berserker Ring : 5m Seers Ring : 4m Warrior Ring : 1m Elvarg Robin Hood Hat : 5m Ranger's Tunic : 6-8m Ranger's Tights : 20m Ranger gloves : 250k-400k Ranger Boots : 18m Revenant Caves Craws bow : 10m Viggora's Chainmace : 6m Thammaron's Spectre : 3m Statius Warhammer : 140m Zureil's Staff : 8m Vesta Spear : 45m Bracelet of Ethereum : 200-250k per Zulrah Magic Fang : 8m-10m Serpentine Visage/Helmet : 12m Tanzanite Fang : 15-20m Onyx : 4m Tanzanite/Magma Mutagen : 30m Cerberus Primordial Crystal : 20m Primordial Boots : 22m-23m Pegasian Crystal : 10m Pegasian Boots : 28m Eternal Crystal : 5m Eternal Boots : 20m Smouldering Stone : 7m Kraken Trident of the Sea : 4m Trident of the Swamp : 12m-14m Kraken Tentacle : 8m Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Occult Necklace : 6m-8m Smoke Battlestaff : 500k per Dragon Chainbody : 5m Alchemical Hydra Brimstone Ring : 6m Hydra's Tail : 3m-5m Hydra Leather : 30m-35m Hydra Claw : 100m Dragon Hunter Lance : 112m-115m Vorkath ×Dragonbone Necklace : 10m Draconic Visage : 10m Skeletal Visage : 13m Dragonfire Ward : 15m The Nightmare Nightmare Staff : 80m-95m Nightmare Volatile Orb : 300m Nightmare Eldritch Orb : 125m-175m Nightmare Harmonized Orb : 750m Inquisitors Mace : 500m Inquisitors Helm : 100m Inquisitors Platebody : 240m Inquisitors Platelegs : 240m ✓Inquisitors set 1B ( full set has 2.5% accuracy and damage bonus ) Corporeal Beast Spirit Shield : 3m Holy Elixir : 3m-4m Blessed Spirit Shield : 6m-7m Arcane Spirit Shield : 250m Spectral Spirit Shield : 150m Elysian Spirit Shield : 700m Raid 1 - Chambers of Xeric Ancestral Hat : 100m Ancestral Robe Top : 250m Ancestral Robe Bottom : 250m Dragon Hunter Crossbow : 250m Dragon Claws : 125m Elder Maul : 25m-35m Kodai Wand : 35m-40m Twisted Bow : 750m Dinh's Bulwark : 30m Twisted Buckler : 40m Dexterous Prayer Scroll : 100m-150m Arcane Prayer Scroll : 80m-100m Wilderness Bosses Ring of the Gods : 7m-10m Treasonous Ring : 5m Tyrannical Ring : 5m Odium Shards : 2m per Odium Ward : 6m Malediction Shards : 2m per Malediction Ward : 6m PvP Gear Statius Helm : 25m Statius Platebody : 50m-75m Statius Platelegs : 50m-75m Vesta Platebody : 65m-100m Vesta Plateskirt : 65m-100m Vesta Longsword : 80m Zuriel's Hood : 20m Zuriel's Robe Top : 40m Zuriel's Robe Bottoms : 40m Galvek Morrigan Coif : 60m Morrigan Leatherbody : 125m Morrigan Leatherchaps : 125m Morrigan Javelin : 50k per Morrigan Throwing Axe : 50k per Slayer Monsters Abyssal Whip : 5m Abyssal Dagger : 20m Abyssal Bludgeon : 60m-70m Blood Shard : 25m Dragon Boots : 2m-3m Dragon Crossbow : 15m Dragon Warhammer : 125m Imbued Heart : 20m Basilisk Jaw : 30m-40m Granite Maul : 2m Dark Bow : 3m Black Mask : 3m Ancient Wyvern Shield : 15m Light Ballista : 2m Heavy Ballista : 15m Zenyte Shard : 20m Jewels Amulet of Fury : 4m-5m Berserker Necklace : 1m-2m Amulet of Torture : 25m Tormented Bracelet : 25m Ring of Suffering : 20m Necklace of Anguish : 25m Ring of Wealth : 40k-100k per Ring of Recoil : 2k per Raid 2 - Theatre of Blood Scythe of Vitur : 1b-1.4b Sanguinesti Staff : 500m-750m Ghrazi Rapier : 320m-400m Justiciar Helm : 100m Justiciar Platebody : 275m Justiciar Platelegs : 250m Barrows Amulet of the Damned 5m Karil's Set : 10m Karil's Coif : 1m Karil's Body : 4m Karil's Skirt : 4m Karil's Crossbow : 1m Dharok's set 10m Dharok's Helm : 2.5m Dharok's Body : 2.5m Dharok's Legs : 2.5m Dharok's Greataxe : 2.5m Ahrim's Set : 10m Ahrim's Hood : 1m Ahrim's Top : 4m Ahrim's Skirt : 4m Ahrim's Staff : 1m Torag's set 8m Torag's Helmet : 2m Torag's Chest : 2m Torag's Legs : 2m Torag's Hammers : 2m Verac's set 10m Verac's Helm : 2.5m Verac's Body : 2.5m Verac's Skirt : 2.5m Verac's Flail : 2.5m Guthan's Set 10m Guthan's Helm : 2.5m Guthan's Body : 2.5m Guthan's Skirt : 2.5m Guthan's Spear : 2.5m Clue Rewards 3rd-Age Melee Helm : 45m 3rd-Age Melee Plate body : 75m 3rd-Age Melee Platelegs : 75m 3rd-Age Sword : 130m 3rd-Age Kiteshield : 60m 3rd-Age Range Coif : 35m 3rd-Age Range body : 60m 3rd-Age Range legs : 60m 3rd-Age Range Vambs : 25m 3rd-Age Bow : 150m 3rd-Age Mage Hat : 35m 3rd-Age Mage Robetop : 60m 3rd-Age Mage Robebottoms : 60m 3rd-Age Wand : 50m-55m 3rd-Age Amulet : 30m God/Blessed D'hide Sets Coif : 200k per Body : 450k per Chaps : 400k Boots : 800k Vambs : 250k Mage's Book : 6m Ankou Set : 15m-20m Cosmetics
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