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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen I have made an in depth skilling guide so you all can get 99s much easier with less hassle! WOODCUTTING - teleport to seers Village (City teleports - seers village) its pretty straight forward as all the logs needed are around you (regular, oak, willow and maple) once level 60 you can cut yews at the woodcutting guild (skilling teleports - woodcutting guild) then run West until you see the redwood trees and there are all 3 trees (yew, magic and redwood) for your 60 - 99! FLETCHING - seers Village (City teleports - seers Village) has logs, oak, willow and maple, from 1 to 65 fletch and go woodcutting guild for yew and magic to cut and fletch or you Could feather mithril darts (52) and adamant darts (67) you can buy your feathers from fisherman in north end in shop centre at home. FIREMAKING - there is only one very quick way of levelling it up and that is wintertodt (mini game teleport - wintertodt) you need 50 firemaking before attempting this minigame as well as talking to ignisia. It takes roughly 30 to 38k points in total to get 99 firemaking which is nothing! Alongside that you will get extra levels in construction and woodcutting so it's an absolute win! MINING - start off at lumbrige swamp (City teleport - lumbridge then run East) and mine copper and tin ores from 1 - 15 then after that go ahead and mine iron ores to level 30 in East varrock mines (city teleport - varrock then run south east) then you will have access to motherlode mine (bring a hammer) , once you are level 72 you will have access to the upper floor which will speed up your trips as its close to the bank chest, with your gold nuggets I recommend buying a prospector set as it will increase your xp by a lot and will have 99 mining in no time. SMITHING - smelt bronze bars and Smith them into anything until you reach above level 15 to smelt iron bars and make platebodies and up to level 40, I recommend completing achievement GOLDEN TOUCH so you can acquire goldsmith gloves (boosts gold smelting xp by 150%) smelt all the gold you want then once level 68 smithing you can make mithril platebodies until level 88 for adamant platebodies to 99 or you could Smelt gold bars all the way to 99 if you can't afford supplies. CRAFTING - there are multiple ways of levelling up crafting as for buying buckets of sand or filling them up with sand north of wheat field in zanaris (dramen staff - spirit tree) then running to the south bank (supermake glass works on here but requires 77 magic) and then you can make glass orbs. Another way is to tan any hides you buy and craft bodies which is probably best xp per hour. Then at last crafting gems are a good way of gaining crafting xp, the better the gem the more xp you get. HERBLORE - as the xp rates on here can be high you are better off creating any potion possible. You can buy ingredients from druid South East inside of shop centre at home. FARMING- I recommend going wintertodt (Minigame teleport - wintertodt) and picking up bruma herbs until level 9 so you can grow Guam herbs for your herblore and grow all the trees you can for insane farming xp (remember to pay the farmers with coins to take care of your allotment and trees) and just use up all the seeds you have. Trees will take up to 3 to 4 hours to fully grow and herbs can take 15 to 30 minutes if your a donator time is slightly reduced. FISHING- you can fish shrimps South West of draynor village until level 40 for lobsters, then after that you can teleport to camelot and run south east to catherby fishing spot and fish lobsters until level 62 for monkfishes (skilling teleports - monkfishing) once level 76 you can fish sharks (skilling teleport - fishing guild) and fish sharks to 99 fishing. COOKING - cook any fish that matches your level if you get level 35 cooking and have a ton of grapes and jugs of water you could make jugs of win for 99 cooking as its quick xp if not just keep cooking fishes to 99 cooking. CONSTRUCTION- you can start off construction with wintertodt as you earn a lot of xp from fixing braizers (bring a hammer) you can do this to any level you feel like but once above level 38 you can make teak tables then once level 52 you can make mahogany tables, luckily the house portal is south east of home bank so your levels will go by very quick but mahogany tables are by far the quickest xp so will get you to 99 construction in no time (make sure you have a saw and a hammer) THIEVING - you can head south west of home bank and you see a set of stalls, you will thieve the bakery stall (lvl1) up to level 20 to thieve silk stalls to level 50 to thieve silver stalls to level 55 so you unlock ardougne knights as these are not only semi afk xp but you get a nice amount of gp from them and you could thieve up to 70 thieving to steal from paladins as they give near enough double the xp an ardougne knight would and its a very easy 99 skill. SLAYER - this skill would require you to have a minimum of 60 in each combat stag and at least 43 prayer so you can do tasks from chaeldar instead of doing easy and boring tasks. If your task is too difficult or too time consuming from chaeldar you can always talk to turael so you can be given a much easier task (goblins, rats etc...) then there is Steve who hands out boss tasks but requires 75 slayer before gaining tasks from him. HUNTER - from level 1 you will have to catch crimson swifts in feldip Hills (skilling teleport) to get past the hills you teleport to, run east towards corsair cove, on the first shortcut climb the rocks and run east and you will see crimson swifts and get 19 hunter then run west for tropical wagtails up to 53 hunter for white chinchompas (training - ogres. North of eagles peak) then catch white chinchompas to 63 hunter (South of feldip Hills lake aka centre of feldip Hills) and finally from 73 to 99 catch black chinchompas (wilderness - East dragons then run north) AGILITY - all locations are found at city teleports, gnome stronghold 1 - 10, draynor 10 - 40, canifis 40 - 60, seers 60 - 80 (pollinviech does not work at the moment) Rellekka 80 - 90, and finally ardougne 90 - 99 RUNECRAFTING- complete a trip or two in the abyss (North west of home wilderness) once level 14 you will be able to craft fire runes (bring a fire talisman) teleports to duel arena (minigame teleport) and run east to the altar, I recommend doing this until level 40 then from 40 - 77 craft astral runes you must teleport to lunar Isle and run South East be away there's level 100 monsters so I'd recommend being a higher level for that. PRAYER - there are 3 ways to effectively train prayer on here which is 1. Gilded altar with both lit incenses. 2. Wilderness chaos altar (2nd most effective, 50% chance to save bones, risk: WILDERNESS) 3. donator zone chaos altar (Most effective way as its next to a bank in donator zone. I hope You have found this helpful for you people!
  2. Hey ladies and gentlemen, this guide is for new players seeking help and this will most certainly help you! First of all you can start with voting! You can earn 6 vote points every 12 hours! You can save up points to buy vote mystery boxes to sell or open yourself, 1hr double xp scrolls, 30minutes 25% pet drop rate scroll or 30 minutes double drop rate scroll and much more! You can find the portal slightly north east of home, this will take you around important areas in the game. This is optional if you want an early 99 and some skilling materials, you can go ahead and do wintertodt mini game! , you require 50 firemaking before entering and make sure you speak to ignisia so be allowed to enter! it's easily soloable at level 3 (10hp) for fast kills you can light the 2 nearest braziers but its recommended to just light 1 and get fast firemaking levels, the more points you get the more crates you get! Make sure you bring 4 - 5 cakes within your trip as he may occasionally deal damage but when you get at least 1 warm piece just bring 1 - 2 cakes. By the end of getting 99firemaking from wintertodt you will have 60 - 68 construction, 50 - 60 woodcutting and some materials! So let's start where you have no gp, the best way in my opinion as a starter is to get 55 thieving, you can get that by thieving stalls (South West of home) level 1 for bakery stalls, level 20 for silk and level 50 for silver stalls. Once level 55 you can thieve ardougne knights (ardougne City teleport) which can earn you from 2m to 3m an hour! This is great for starter cash which can help You get all the supplies you need for combat. I recommend killing sand crabs (training teleport) for afk and best xp for a low level, I recommend 55 to 70 in each combat before slayer so you can head straight to chaeldar for decent slayer xp and points, if your task is too hard or too time consuming you can always talk to turael to make your task easier and shorter so you can get the task you want. If you are looking for good prayer xp there are a few ways of getting dragon bones by getting 83 hunter to catch dragon imps which can drop from 70+ dragon bones by chance, buy from other players or kill green dragons for fast and guaranteed dragon bones of course (make sure to bring an antifire shield/dragonfire shield or antifire potion) The best altar in game is the chaos altar as it has a 50% chance to save a bone sacrificed, found in wilderness or donator zone (there's a bank right next to chaos altar in donator zone) or just go to a player owned house but for good xp from there you must light both incenses but you require 1 clean tarromin per incense. Want to get two vital untradeables early game? Head on to competing in tournaments! These occur every 30minutes with different varieties of setups stated in tournament, You can earn a fighter torso, It costs 150k blood money and then there's salve amulet (10% extra accuracy and damage on undead great at revenant) you earn 10k blood money per tournament win, 2nd place 6k and 3rd place 3k. And finally there are revenants, you can have a chance on earning vesta, statius, zuriel and morrigans pieces (you can earn these from any moster in the wilderness, the higher the level the monster is the higher chance but still very rare! Revenants can drop a lot of supplies and materials which you can use for yourself or sell to other players but this earns great money. I hope you find this helpful and Thank you very much for playing Luna RS and enjoy playing!
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