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  1. The Necromancer Quest Quest Requirements: Darkmeyer Skill requirements: 75 62 42 35 70 37 Prayer recommended* Item Requirements: Knife Hammer Any axe Coins Anti-dragon shield Drakan's Medallion (Can be collected during quest): 20 Crystal shards 2 Bluegill 2 Green d'hide shields Additional Recommendations: Gear for defeating multiple high-level monsters Immunity from poison/venom Potions and food for fights Walkthrough: To begin this quest, teleport to Varrock and talk to George Laxmeister. He is located in the house just north of the estate agent. After speraking with George, he will tell you to collect: 20 Crystal shards 2 Bluegills 2 Green d'hide shields Obtaining these items: 20 Crystal shards Using the teleporter at home, head to Prifddinas (under cities) and complete a lap of the agility course there. Completing this course will award you with Crystal shards, so repeat this until you have at least 20. PLEASE NOTE: Whilst completing this course, pick up 'The stuff' located just before the end of the course. 2 Bluegills Using the teleporter at home, head to Aerial fishing (under Skilling) and immediately pick up a few King worms just 2 tiles west from where you teleport. These are used as bait for the fishing so it is random as to how many you may need to catch your 2 Bluegills. If you run out, you can always pick up some more. Once this is done, remove any gloves, rings or weapons you may be wielding, right click Alry the Angler and choose 'Get bird'. Please note: You must complete the full dialogue with Alry the Angler in order to be given a bird. Once you have a bird equipped, click any of the fishing spots around the island in order to try and catch your Bluegills. You may also catch Common Tench or Greater siren. These are useless and can be dropped. Repeat this process until you receive your 2 Biuegills. 2 Green d'hide shields At the shop directly west of the bank at home, trade the Sawmill operator and buy 30 Steel nails for 90gp. Using the teleporter at home, head to any location (Woodcutting guild if unsure) and chop Maple trees. You are going to need to collect 4 Maple logs. Using your knife, fletch these logs into 2 Maple shields. Now head to any Green dragon location (Myth's guild dungeon is the safest spot), kill 4 of them, and collect 4 Green dragonhides. Once you have collected these, head back to the shop directly west of the bank and have the Leatherworker there exchange your 4 Green dragonhides for 4 Green dragon leather (for 80gp). Use these dragon leathers on the Maple shields to create 2 Green d'hide shields. If all steps have been followed correctly, you should now have: 'The stuff' 20 Crystal shards 2 Bluegills 2 Green d'hide shields Head back to George Laxmeister and give him all your collected items. He will now tell you to speak to Yarlo, who is located in a house in Port Sarim. Obtaining the Black crystal Travel to Port sarim and speak to Yarlo. He can be found in the house east of Betty's Magic shop. Yarlo will request a Cup of tea. You can steal a cup of tea from the Tea stall, which can be located just beside Varrock's west bank. After you give Yarlo his cup of tea and complete the dialogue with him, he will direct you to find a book in the Wizard's Tower. Head to the Wizard's Tower (Fairy ring D • I • S) and search the most western bookcase on the ground floor. When you manage to search the correct bookcase, you will find a Dusty scroll. Read the scroll to find out you now need a black crystal. Fractured crystal Using the teleporter at home, head to Prifddinas and climb up the Crystal staircase located 14 tiles north. Enter the room immediately east to you and search the Elven crystal chest. Once you have searched the chest, the Fractured crystal will spawn on the ground next to you. DO NOT forget to pick it up. Head back to Yarlo in Port Sarim, show him the crystal and he will explain how to get the black crystal. Black crystal Using your Drakan's medallion, teleport to Darkmeyer and head to the bar just north (remember to bring your 50k gp). Speak to the Vyrelady, lend her Golden hammer for 50k gp and now head to the Ancientforge. Using the teleporter at home, head to the Ancient cave (under Dungeons). Climb down the stairs and run to the Rough hewn steps located in the western part of the cave. Please note: You will be running through Brutal green dragons. Protect from Magic and Antifire potions are recommended. Once you climb these steps, run all the way south and use the Fractured crystal on the anvil. After the short cut-scene, pick up the Black crystal that spawns behind you. Return to Yarlo, show him the crystal and he will tell you to also show the crystal to George Laxmeister. Preparing for the fight The next step is to kill the boss. Use this time to gear up and bring everything needed to defeat the Crystalline wolf. Using the teleporter at home, travel to Varrock and return to George Laxmeister. Show him the crystal and be ready for the final fight. Although this boss is relatively easy, Protect from Magic and potions/food are recommended. Once you defeat the boss, you will be teleported back to Varrock. Return and talk to Yarlo in Port Sarim. Quest complete! Rewards: Rada's Blessing 3 Crystal weapon seed 2 Enhanced crystal keys 15 minute XP scroll
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