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  1. chromepantz

    Vorkath Guide

    Hi All, I made this quick video for my friend (s/o to Reno), but couldn't send it over discord so I figured I would share it with all of you on forums . Vorkath is a great source of money and also superior dragon bones for prayer and herblore (crushed superior bones). You can get there via Bosses Teleports -> Vorkath t My Inventory set up below: Range set up below: Always bring a Salve (EI) amulet if you have it. You can buy this in the blood money shop for 50k blood money. Vorkath has a couple special attacks. 1. Purple Fireball: This deactivates all your prayers and is super easy to get by. Just set up quick prayers and turn them back on! 2. Green Fireball: This is a venom attack, it will venom you and you can get past this using an Anti Venom potion or a Serpentine Helm. 3. White Fireball: This will ice barrage you and you will not be able to move. It will also spawn a small Zombified Spawn. Be quick to Crumble Undead this or it will deal lots of damage when it touches you. (recommend to right click cast, very easy to mis-click). 4. Fireball: This will be a fireball that shoots up and hits the spot you are standing. This will deal a lot of damage if not avoided. Simply walk 2 squares away to avoid damage. 5. Toxic Spray (?): Vorkath will spew toxic on the floors all around him. Make sure your run is off and walk around the safe spots and you will easily not take any damage. Please remember to bring an Anti-Venom if you do not bring a Serpentine Helm and an Anti-fire potion if you do not bring Dragon Fire shield (such as dragon fire shield or dragon fire ward). Fight Clip attached below: My Movie 3.mp4 Let me know if I'm missing anything need or you need any help! Thanks, Chrome My Movie 3.mov
  2. Thanks Nelly! Imma try this.
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