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  1. Sick I cant wait to pick up those perks. Definite W.
  2. 1. Community is excellent, everyone is welcoming and helpful. 2. Drop rates are very fair, you don't feel like you were given an item but you don't have to spend 10's-100's of hours of your life to get it. The sense of achievement is still maintained and I appreciate that a lot. 3. Reliable connectivity. I play from NA East and never experience lag, or stutters. The only time I haven't been able to connect was due to an update, which brings me to point 4, 4. Constant and quality updates. Luna is constantly being updated and improved upon and I truly admire the effort the devs put into this, and they interact with the players and accept feedback regularly. 5. Donor perks. The donor perks here are pretty balanced in my opinion, not too overpowered to be considered pay to win, but more of a quality of life, with most of the benefits being accessible at just $10. You can also buy donor scrolls off people in game so you can gain the benefits just by playing. Kind of like Runescape bonds.
  3. Server still operating. Must be issue on your end?
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