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  1. Teleport to "Bandit Camp"-This is a multi combat area with aggressive bandits, food is advised. Once at bandit camp run north to the quest marker on your map Speak to the Archaeologist, select the first option twice, he will tell you about boss's you need to kill Return to the bank and gear up for a fight, bring food and potions Speak to the Archaeologist again and select which boss you would like to fight Just attack Damis head on with your best melee weapon and he should die fairy easy Aswell as dessous (killed to quick to be in pic) Aswell as fareed Kamil is the hardest of the 4 bosses, protection from mage prayer is highly recommended, attack with your best melee weapon Return to the Archaeologist once again Congratulations you have completed the quest.
  2. *40 Fishing is Required to complete this quest* Step 1 : Teleport to the Fishing Guild Step 2: Speak to Fishing Tutor to begin the quest Select the first option twice Step 3: Begin fishing any available fish until told to stop Step 4: Speak to the Fishing Tutor again, Congratulations you have completed the quest.
  3. Step 1: Teleport to Port Sarim Step 2 : Speak to Captain Tobias on the docs of Port Sarim Select the first option Step 3: Teleport back to home Step 4: Travel Northeast to the Task Points shop, right click on "Fancy Dan" select "Join Crew" Step 5 : Teleport to "Catherby" Step 6: Travel Northeast to "White Wolf Mountain" Step 6: Investigate the "Strange hole" on White Wolf Mountain, you will receive a chest. Step 7: Return home and Teleport back to Port Sarim. Step 8 : Speak to Captain Tobias once again and return the chest to him Congratulations you have completed the quest
  4. Awesome update as always, keep up the great work
  5. Your Name: Smoke Age: 25 Years old Your Location: The Us, East Coast Average Amount Of Gameplay: I am usually always on, I am on 7 days a week averaging around 10 hours of gameplay daily, I currently am almost 40 days play time, most being legitimate hours non afk. Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: I am applying for the Player Support position, the reason I believe I am qualified for this position is that I truly care for the well being of the server and want to see it grow to its full potential, I spend most of my time on the server helping newer players and anyone that needs help in general, I am constantly trying to think of new concepts to help and improve the servers player experience and am dedicated to helping the server become as enjoyable as it can be any way I can. Staff Experience: I don't have any recent staff experience but I have been staff on RsPs's before but nothing to brag about. This would be my first real staff position in my book, I would use this first experience as a learning step and would not disappoint if I given the chance. Rs/Rsps Experience: I have played Runescape and Runescape private servers pretty much my entire life, i started playing runescape in 2005 and have been playing private servers dated back to silabsoft, so i have a vast variety of knowledge to offer to the table. Goals: My goal is to gain the respect of the whole community and work towards a better server for everyone, I believe that together we can all make the server grow exponentially. Weaknesses: My biggest weakness is that I can be a little rude/toxic sometimes, but I have been working every day on improving this and I believe I have made a gigantic improvement. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would first start by letting the person know others are finding his/her behavior annoying so we are all on same page, after that step I would remind him /her of the set rules that are placed and that he/she should follow the guidelines accordingly. Lastly if the person still persists on being annoying and toxic I would first reach out to a staff member higher up then me for a recommendation, but if no other staff was around I would be forced to use my powers accordingly. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I would get evidence via recording and present it to Luna quickly and directly, I would not engage in the situation myself as the situation should be handled personally by the owner and the staff member who is directly involved. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I would simply respond with, Sorry as a Staff member I am not allowed to give out free items, but I can provide you information on how to get the item yourself. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? I believe punishment should be based on the severity of the harassments, if it is something simple that can be resolved without punishment where both parties are happy, I find that to be the best solution, but if the severity of the harassments is taken too far, a mute/jail would be put in place. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I will always follow the rules regardless of the situation.
  6. The fresh smell of noob blood in the wildy
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