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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to loot heroes! PvM clan looking for a co leader and member with PvM experience or maybe you have none at all... you’ve come to the right place to learn. please answer these questions 1 IGN? 2 discord name? 3 PvM experience? 4 what would make you a good candidate? 5 how long have you played rs/rsps? 6 what can you bring to the table? 7 willing to help other learn? 8 favorite boss?(why is it your favorite?) 9 most glorified drop you’ve gotten?
  2. Lullaby

    Hydra Guide

    Hello, this is my Hydra guide. To everyone that wants to kill Hydra for variety of good drops to create the following items: Brimstone ring, Ferocious gloves & the Dragonhunter lance. First you need to understand how Hydra is attacked and killed. The easiest way to deal damage to Hydra is by using ranged, blowpipe, dragonhunter crossbow, tbow and armadyl crossbow are good options. During the fight Hydra changes colors based on how much health he has left. Each color besides the last color (black) should be attacked while Hydra being on the vents on the floor(Marked by colors in pictures) Attacks that Hydra does: Green: 3 times ranged,(Mechanic) 3 times magic repeat Blue: 3 times ranged, 3 times magic (Mechanic) repeat Red: 3 times ranged, 3 times magic (Mechanic) repeat Black: *The opposite attack red Hydra dealt*. Switching attack style after every hit ( Ranged-magic-ranged-magic (Mechanic) repeat) You can lure Hydra on the vents by following the steps below: I have created easy to follow colored steps for you to learn Hydra Green form Start off at tile 1 and shoot Hydra so that it moves onto the vent. Once hydra has used 3 auto attacks it will spit a toxic mechanic to the tile you're standing at. Simply move to tile 2 when it happens and switch your prayer. If your dps is low and Hydra does the mechanic again, walk 3 tiles north again. While Hydra switches colors hit 1 more time and move to tile 3 Blue form hit Hydra once from tile 3 and move to tile 4 to drag him onto the vent. Depending on how fast you killed green hydra he will do a mechanic after 3 consecutive attacks (ranged or magic) The blue hydra has an electro mechanic, 4 *electrodes* spawn in the middle and come towards you, when hitting you you get stunned and dealt damage. You can avoid this by waiting for the *electrodes* to spawn. and then running to tile 5 if you do this too fast and the electrodes are about to hit you, move to tile 6* Red form Lure red hydra to the vent by running to tile 5. When red hydra is on the vent, move to tile 6 to have red hydra mechanic go easier, Again, after landing 3 consecutive attacks (ranged or magic) Red hydra will start the mechanic. Red hydra mechanic Red hydra will box you in with flames seen in picture below. Once hydra put down the flame walls a small fire will start coming towards you, hitting your rapidly if you stand inside of it. To avoid taking damage from this mechanic wait on tile 6* for the flame to come near you, run to tile 7* so that it has to move all the way there. Again, when the flame gets close to you on tile 7* move to tile 8*. This way you will avoid the damage of the flame but also lure red hydra back onto the vent. When having dealt enough damage hydra will turn black as it's doing in picture below. Black form: Hydra will hit you with the opposite attack style Red form used last. Thus; if red form last used a ranged attack black form will most likely start off with magic (this is a little buggy) Black form will hit 1 ranged 1 magic 1 ranged 1 magic attack constantly. Doing the Green form mechanic after a few hits. Simply move 4 to 5 tiles away from where you're standing to avoid taking damage. You can easily pray against these attacks, once you see the magic attack flying towards you, protect from ranged, when you see the ranged attack coming towards you, click protect from magic. Congratulations! You are tick praying protection prayers against a boss! Black form hydra doesn't need to stand on any vent, it doesn't matter where you finish him off. Good luck and have fun! Thank you for reading my first guide, let me know what u think. If I've forgot to cover something feel free to tell me below! ~ Lullaby
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