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  1. Theatre of Blood Boss 1: Maiden Protect magic Dwh/swh/bgs spec. If she sends a red magic spell, move immediately, it'll splat underneath and hurt you + heal her. Boss 2: pestilent bloat 1.) Equip Salve amulet 2.) Stay out of view, always be minimum of one adjacent wall away. 3.) When he is flashing/leaning forward, attack (he's weak to slash) for roughly 4 hits, then run back to safety before his stomp. 4.) When the meat is following there will be shadows on the ground, avoid them. Protect from range can reduce their damage if you fail to dodge. Boss 3: nylocus White = melee Green = range Blue = mage When the boss spawns, after ~30s or near half hp it changes type every ~3 hits in the following succession ->melee->range->mage protection prayers and attack with the same style determined by the colors. Note: if you attack with the wrong style, your damage is mirrored back to you, as well as effects such as venom or freezes. Boss 4) stotetseg NOTE: Failure to successfully switch prayers will result in the entire team taking damage. Green = range Red = mage Giant red bomb tags you in chat? Pray magic, missing this prayer results in multiple hits of 45. Boss 5) xarpus No protection prayers needed. Note: if you are low in health, use redemption prayer, it has saved me a few times. 1.) Stand on shadows like at ;;vb 2.) Attack and run the same as boss 1 3.) Avoid the southeast area as much as possible until ~30% health — at 30% run to the southeast corner, it is a safe zone. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Final boss - verzik vitur Phase 1 : one player will initiate the fight while the others reside in the safe zone between the pillar immediately west of the boss. • her blue attacks are magic • between these blue attacks, she is free to be damaged safely for ~3 hits (more as you get the rhythm down) • at ~ 30% HP protect from magic and run to the carpet Phase 2 •similar to boss 1 and boss 5 •occasionally spawns nylocus, same colors apply but the purple one is 1 shot by toxic weapons like blowpipe, trident, tentacle. Note, she may be meleed after each attack she performs, but if you're late you will be stunned and damaged heavily Phase 3 • blue attack is magic • green darts are range • if she spawns yellow dots, stand on them until after they disappear or you will take an 80. • if tornadoes spawn, outrun them. Upon completion, exit to the treasure room and open a chest: BE SURE TO CLAIM THE ITEMS UPON OPENING OR THEY WILL BE PERMANENTLY LOST. Attached are screenshots of the setup i use most often as well as my stats. I have completed TOB on a 1 defense pure, I've completed TOB without being maxed or having max gear, YOU CAN (and will) TOO. Ahrims, karils, a blowpipe, trident and whip/tentacle are sufficient if you have a good team and you yourself are attentive throughout the raid. Buena suerte, good luck and have fun. ~exhausted~
  2. THE FROZEN PRISON Since the release of the new raid (The frozen prison) is just around the corner I thought I would share some basic info and put it all in one place for people wanting to learn. In this guide I'll run you through the bosses and the mechanics that they use also suggested gear and inventory setups. Let's get into it! Requirements • Completion of the Darkmeyer quest. (Required to start 'The Necromancer') • Completion of The Necromancer quest. (Required to join the Raid) (Detailed guide's to these Quests can be found on these forums) Location To access the Frozen Prison simply go to the teleport portal at home then click on minigames teleports and the first option will be 'The Frozen Prison'. (see below) Once teleported you will find yourself in the Lobby. (Quests not required to teleport here) The Lobby In the lobby you will find an NPC to the East that acts as a bank for you to be able to set yourself up properly before you start! To the north you have a white barrier (Entry Barrier) click on this to start the raid. Suggested Gear / Inventory setups (If you are somebody who struggles to switch your prayers and multiple pieces of gear at the same time I would suggest using void or finding a suitable Tribrid setup with minimal switches suitable to your Budget/Bank). At the moment I find this to be my optimal gear/inventory setup. Notable gear / items shown above ^ • 3 different styles of attacks (Melee, Range and Magic). • A mixture of brews and food (For tick eating). • Anti-fire potion (For the Dragon boss). • Defence lowering spec weapon.(Dwh,Bgs or Stat hammer). • Serpentine Helm or an Antidote++ (Poison Protection). Note - It is also suggested to bring at least one stamina potion. Cheaper Alternatives for Gear °(Mage)° (Weapons) - Trident of the Swamp / Kodai wand (blood spells with kodai). (Off-Hand) - Ancient Wyvern Shield / Tome of fire / Mages book. (Armours) - Ahrims Robes / Zuriels Robes / Void. °(Range)° (Weapon) - Crystal Bow / Blow Pipe / Armadyl Cross Bow (ruby and diamond enchanted bolts required with acb). (Off-Hand) - Dragon-FireWard / Twisted Buckler (only required when using a crossbow). (Armours) - Karils / Armadyl / Void. °(Melee)° (Weapons) - Grhazi Rapier / Bludgeon / Tentacle whip. (Off-Hand) - Dragon Fire Shield / Dragon Defender. (Armours) - Statius / Bandos / Void. -Spec weapon- (Defence lowering) - Bandos god sword / Dragon war hammer . (Dps) - Dragon Claws / Crystal Halberd / Dragon dagger / Dragon Halberd. Getting To Know The Map Below I have made a rough outline of The Frozen Prison. (The numbers and rooms will be explained below) After completing room [1] the red barriers connecting [1],[2]&[3] will become accessible it is up to 'player preference' if they choose to go into room [2]or[3] first. Once room's [2]&[3] have been completed, 'ALL' of the red barriers below room [4] will dissapear and open up the bottom half of the map. When you have defeated the Inadequacy in room [4] the barrier to the north will dissapear and open up the corridor (room[5]). Once all of the bosses in rooms [1],[2],[3],[4]&[5] have been slain you will be able to access room [6] where you will fight Lucien 'The Necromancer'. Rooms & Bosses Explained Once your ready enter through the white barrier in the lobby (Either solo or with a team). You will then be teleported into room [1]. ^ Speak with 'Old Man Yarlo' to begin the raid! ( The Red barriers will dissapear). ^ Room - Consists of 3 types of NPC's. • Barrelchest - This NPC has 3 attacks. -He jumps up and smashes the floor this damages everyone in the raid. -Drains and turns off prayer. -Fires a missile (damage halved with protect from missiles) •Black Titan - At 50% HP spawns two 'ghasts' that need to be killed before being able to damage the Titan again. (Protect from melee) •Killerwatt - have a magic based auto attack and also a spec that will damage and stun you. (For this room I suggest pulling the killerwatts away and killing them separately and first). -Also located in Room [1] is 'The Frozen Prison Merchant'. (Shop shown below) •Elder - (boosts attack, strength and defence to 120) •Twisted - (boosts range to 120) •Kodai - (boosts mage to 120) • Revitalisation - (same as super restore) •Prayer Enhance - (same as prayer potion) •Xeric's aid - (same as saradomin brew) Currency for the shop is obtained by defeating the Bosses and other Monsters with in the raid. Eye of Gnome(Raids currency) Note: Between rooms [1]&[2] and [1]&[3] are two small corridors in each of these corridors you will find - 1x Turoth, 1x Ghost and 1x Killerwatt. -(Remeber you can choose either room[2] or [3] next it does not matter what you do first). Room The Cursed Dragon - (To the East is The Cursed Dragon, This boss has 4 different attacks for you to watch out for). •Basic attack - dragon fire (antifire potion needed and pray mage!) •Shock wave - sends out 4 little lightning bolts that deal small amounts of damage (move away) •Prayer disable - Breathes fire similar to the basic attack (disables all active prayers) •Tsunami- As shown below the dragon shoots out a line of waves. (Find the gap and don't get hit) -This attack is a one hit KO- - (Once defeated the barrier returning to room[1] will disappear). Room Seren - (To the West of room[1] sleeps 'Seren') - Whilst fighting Seren you will need to watch underneath her as this colour will represent the 2 different attack styles you must use to damage her.) (As shown below). •Light Pink - Only magic attacks / Spells will damage Seren. •Dark Pink - Only Melee attacks will damage Seren. Now let's look at Seren's attacks - •Basic attack - Seren uses both Mage and Range basic attacks. (Below is a list of Serens Special attacks) • White portal - Spawns underneath you and deals massive damage. (Move away!) • Flower Split - Seren will split the field into ( ¼ ) and ( ¾ ) if you are not within the safe area you will have damage dealt! (Run into the safe area boxed off with flowers) • Storm - At 50% HP Seren will spawn a small blue orb that will fire 4 small electric attacks in the directions shown above the electric will then follow you around for a few seconds, if it touches you it will stun you. (Run away) - (Once defeated the barrier returning to room[1] will disappear). East & West Wings Above Room's [2] & [3] are the east and west wings both area's consist of the same NPCs as room[1]. (Barrelchest, Black Titan and a Killerwatt). (Both sides are the same) (You are able to progress to Room[4] without going through these wings as you can go north through Room[1]). Room The Inadequacy (The inadequacy attacks with a magic based attack it is suggested to prayer mage) Besides the final fight this boss is by far the most challenging as The inadequacy has very high Range and Mage Defence, A decent amount of HitPoints and multiple different attack mechanics to watch out for! (As shown below). •Poison Splatter - Shot at the player is a ball of toxic saliva that will heal the inadequacy for the damage dealt. (Move at least one tile away) • Prayer Shuffle - Every so often the inadequacy will change your protection prayer (make sure to switch back!) • A Doubt - The Inadequacy will summon an NPC that has very high Ranged base attacks and after 10seconds 'A Doubt' will explode causing alot of damage to everyone in the raid! (Kill as soon as it spawns and before the the green bar turns blue! (10-seconds!). • Melee - This boss has a Melee attack that will damage all players within a certain distance from him. Room 3rd Age (Mage & Range) Twins After defeating the inadequacy you will be able to progress north through the red barrier and onto the 'Ice Bridge' where you will find caged on either side the '3rd Age Twins'. (Thought to be locked apart because together they are powerful!) (Defeat them both to proceed to the final Room!) (Kill them individually - Melee will not work!) Mage Twin - Connected to the west side of the bridge you will have the mage twin. Suggested that you use your best Ranged gear. (Boss attacks explained below). -Basic Attack- Magic based attack (Pray Mage) -Spawn- The Mage Twin will spawn a small purple NPC that will explode shortly after spawning. (Move away from the spawn) Range Twin - Connected to the East side of the bridge you will have the Range Twin. Suggested that you use your best Mage gear (Boss Attacks explained below). -Basic Attack- Ranged base attack (Pray Ranged). -Range Spec- (Similar in look to a darkbow special attack) This attack will hit through prayer and drains your combat stats! (Once defeated prepare for the final Room!). (Remembering that the Frozen Prison Merchant is accessible in Room[1]). Room With this being the final Room it poses the greatest challenge! (Lucien standing by his Throne!). Lucien (The Necromancer) - Is the 'Ruler' of 'The Frozen Prison', His one job is to keep you there!. (This boss attacks with a magic based auto attack that has a chance to drain your prayer 'or' defence! (Pray Mage!). ('Lucien' also has multiple special attacks that will test your skills). (Special attacks shown below) •Imp Spawn - Once the imp is spawned Lucien will freeze the targeted player, the 'imp' will then walk towards the frozen player and if not killed in time the imp will explode and deal 50+ damage! (Crumble undead spell destroys the spawn with one cast). •Mutant Abomination - At 50% HP Lucien will summon his 'Greatest Creation' you must defeat this NPC before being able to deal more damage to Lucien. The Mutant Abomination has a slow but very hard hitting Melee based auto attack that you will have to 'Dodge / Kite'. (Hit and run). If the mutant manages to land a hit on a player he has a high chance of draining that players defence.(check your stats!) - Once defeated continue attacking Lucien. Note: Lucien will still be attacking you while the mutant is alive!. • Falling Boulders - At 75% and 25% Lucien will start to destroy his own prison! Large boulders will start to fall around the player in a 8x8 tile radius. (Watch out as this will deal 75% of your current HP as damage!) • Killerwatts - Every 60-90 seconds Lucien will summon a Killerwatt that will stun you! (Kill these) (When Lucien dies a portal will open up to the North, pick up your loot and exit the raid) - (You will be taken back to the lobby). Rewards Congratulations! You have destroyed The Frozen Prison and have set free it's Prisoners! (Once you have defeated Lucien your loot will spawn on the tile where he dies). (The player that deals the most amount of damage throughout the raid will receive a 5% chance to roll a unique item! [1/20chance!] All other players will have a 1% chance to roll a unique item. [1/100chance!] ). Unique Drops - Armadyl staff - Dark Tome - Necromancer Robes - Trailblazer Graceful Pet - Little Champ (Stats of items to be added once they have been released!) ((Let me know if there is anything missing pm me on discord or in game for any advice on the raid or any changes I should make to this guide )) Note- since this raid has not been around very long and is new to me too, things may not be 100% accurate but is to the best of my knowledge.
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