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Our Biggest Update Has Arrived In HD

The Only 1:1 OSRS Experience

HD Runelite & Mobile
Group Ironman
Advanced Teleportation Interface

Drop Chance Viewer
Character Selection Interface

Chambers of Xeric
Theatre of Blood
The Frozen Prison (Custom)
Rise of the Six (Custom)
+ More

Fully Functional:
Wilderness Bosses
+ More

1v1 Tournaments every hour
Active Trading
Experience Rates from x1 to x100

All Skills Working Perfectly

New HCIM Event !


Community Calendar

Event details

Hello all! its that time again...for another HCIM Event! 

This event has a ton of new challenges to conquer...only the most hardcore will prevail !
                                       This time around were using 5 brackets ranging in difficulty from Easy, Medium, Hard, Legendary, and                                               G
rand Master

The Points will be rewarded as following:
Completing an Easy task = 1 Point
Completing a Medium task = 2 Points
Completing a Hard task =  4 Points
Completing a Legendary task= 10 Points
Completing a Grand master task= 20 Points


The reward you receive will be based on which bracket you fall under:
1- 49 Points Reward : 1 Super Mystery Book , 1 Mystery box, 1 xp Scroll
50 - 99 Points Reward : 2 Super Mystery Book , 2 Mystery boxes, 2 xp Scroll
100-149 Points Reward: 3 Super Mystery Books, 3 Mystery boxes, 3 xp Scroll
150 - 199 Points Reward : 4 Super Mystery books , 4 Mystery boxes,4 xp Scroll
200-225 Points Reward: 5 Super Mystery Books , 5 Mystery boxes, 5 xp Scroll


This way anyone who participates will receive a reward....but who doesn't enjoy a little friendly competition?
....I know I do !
So we will still be rewarding the top 3 HCIM in this event with some juicy loots!

1st Place : Custom 1st Place Hcim Pet & Custom Hcim Title
2nd Place : Custom 2nd Place Hcim Pet
3rd Place : Custom 3rd Place Hcim Pet 


This Event will be 2 weeks long and will be set on 50x combat exp mode only, everyone will be required to use a fresh account with zero progression to join and each participating account will receive 2 xp scrolls to help get started
There will be no donations allowed to keep everyone at a even playing field, but voting is allowed so don't forget to vote for your xp scrolls !
Every participating HCIM must first confirm there account name they will be using with Luna or Smoke to participate, if you join the event late you will miss out on the 2 free xp scrolls rewarded to each HCIM in the beginning of the event
Each task completed must be screenshotted with a time stamp and sent to the HCIM event section on discord for proof of eligibility
If you unfortunately die in your adventures you will lose all your points but you are allowed to make a new account and try again as long as you let a Staff member know first
The event will last from 5/27 to 6/10 starting at 5:00 Pm Est/11 Pm Gmt
The challenges will be released on a later date.
Hope to see you all participating !

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