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  3. Amazing work as always Luna!! The dedication you show in these updates is inspiring, keep it up bro! This update is clean as!
  4. Wow huge update ! Awesome job Luna, can tell you worked your ass off on this one !
  5. Nice u added the brine rats dung like i was tellin u about thats dope
  6. Wilderness keys Players can now receive a wilderness key from specific monsters inside the Wilderness (list below) When you obtain one of the three keys the key will have a "check-hint" option. When you complete this hint and dig with your spade at the right spot A very easy boss will spawn, when this boss is killed you will receive 500k GP and one of the items in the droptable gif! The clue keys will also have a "check-loot" feature to check the droptable out for yourself! All wilderness bosses have a 1/30 chance to drop the key. Ankou | Hobgoblin | Magic axes | Ice warriors Have a 1/200 chance to drop a key Hellhounds | Ice giants | Green dragons Have a 1/150 chance to drop a key Zombies Have a 1/400 chance to the a key Need a refresher? In ::help > Wilderness keys You can find all the info you need in regards of droprates + information! Added chinchompa explosive attacks Flaxkeeper Exhange flax for bowstrings Flaxkeeper at this moment only accepts unnoted flax and gives unnoted bowstrings in return. He is located at the flax spot in seers village. Added dragon 2h sword special attack Agility Added grappling for agility shortcuts Added ropeswings for agility shortcuts Fixed shortcuts: Rope swing to moss giant Island Grapple at Falador wall Stile into the beehive in Camelot Draynor stile into cabbage field Lumberyard stile Lumbridge stile into sheep farm Re-enabled bounty hunter Zulrah: Zulrahs aggro is now improved Transition delay has been increased Edits done to Zulrahs melee attack & jad phase Chambers Of Xeric: Scavengers now respawn Increased droprate seeds + secondaries inside raid, you sometimes didnt get seeds in raids. Chambers of xeric points per 1% buffed from 8675 to 6675 Olm: Small nerf with certain attacks Added check loot feature Added to: Wilderness keys Potion pack Mystery box PVP armour box Slayer chest Super mystery book Vote mystery book Some items have right names now, also for mobile: $10 scroll Vote mystery book Potion pack Vote ticket Multiple edits done to vote and mystery box and also super mystery book Granite maul Added Ornate Granite maul, the granite maul (or) and the version if you put the clamp and ornate together The clamp version and the ornate maul version has +1 attack accuracy increase The fully upgraded Granite maul (clamp and ornate handler) will have +2 attack accuracy increase Pet and experience boost scroll timer now sticks on logout Completed Bryophyta loottable & is now fully accesible. You can now create Xerician robes You can now make sinew with raw meat Added pure essence and mithril grapple to the general store Small edit to xp bonus time message Added brine rat dungeon teleport & you can also use a spade south of a tree close to the Keldagrim entrance You can obtain the brine sabre through the brine rats Replaced pot of flour with wine (elves pickpocket droptable) Temporary turned off minion spawn for Inadequacy and Necromancer in an attempt to fix some bugs in the TFP raid Bunch of edits done to costume room Construction in an attempt to fix some stuff Multiple edits done to Vorkath
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  8. Reworked shops at home - Moved skilling supplies to west of home by sawmill guy - Changed alot of prices of items inside all stores - Removed & added items to different stores Luna rabbit pet From the vote mystery book you can get a luna pet now The pet will tell you about a mystery spot to get a secret reward! Vote mystery book edits - New Luna rabbit pet - New luna rabbit necklace to talk to the pet - More skilling supplies - More GP rewards - Removed some terrible loot - You get a vote mystery book every 30 votes Added blast furnace pump for strength XP Edits done to prevent taking cannon in NM and TFP Changed made to loottable kourend guard Alchemical hydra last phase bug fixes Angler set now gives 50% fishing xp properly You can now properly make ultra compost without losing your entire volcanic ash stack You now need a empty inventory to get inside the boxing ring and fence ring Fixes done for LMS and LMS is now re-enabled Every 30 votes you get a vote mystery book now Added clue scroll (easy) to HAM pickpocketting Re-added emotes Changes done to inferno Added announcements with super mystery book Removed certain items available in other shops that shouldnt be. You can now light and extinguish torches Changed magic stone ID in shop to right one & changed price Achievement diaries: - Fixed interface for mobile - Multiple edits done to backbone of diaries TOB: - Party system pretty much done - Party interface done - First boss is about 70% done already - Added scripts & interfaces that TOB uses
  9. -Stat and Quest requirements in picture above Item Requirements: -Knife, Hammer, Axe, around 55,000 gold, Anti-dragon shield, Drakan's medallion Recommended items: Decent gear for killing mulitple high level monsters, Anti-venom/Antiposion potion for the boss fight, Stamina potions aswell as combat potions/prayer/food Teleport to Varrock via teleporter Once you teleport to Varrock run North-East to house north of the estate agent Speak to "George Laxmeister" Read through the dialog and select the first option to begin the quest Return to Edgeville/Home and teleport to "Prifddinas" via Main teleporter Head North of the teleport location to the agility rooftop course Climb up the ladder and begin completing the agility course At the end of the course you will find a bag named "the stuff", pick up "the stuff" Complete the agility course twice or until you have 20x crystal shards Travel back to Home and use the main teleporter to teleport to "Aerial Fishing" Pick up some "King worms" Empty your weapon/ring/glove slot and ask "Alry the Angler" to use his bird Begin Aerial Fishing by clicking on the fishing spots around Continue fishing until you receive 2x bluegills On completion travel back to home and travel to the "Woodcutting Guild" Travel West to the Maple Trees Chop and collect 4 Maple logs Travel back to home and gear up to kill 4 Green Dragons Use the Main teleporter and teleport to "Myths guild" Pass the barrier and Enter the Mythic Statue kill 4 Green Dragons and collect there hides Once you collect 4 hides bring them to "Ellis" south of home teleport and tan all hides Head back north and trade the Sawmill Operator and purchase 30x steal nails Now use your knife on the Maple logs and make 2 Maple Shields, then use all 4 tanned hides the shields to create 2 Green dragonhide shields At this point you should have these items Use the Main teleporter and return to George north of the estate house in varrock and give him all the items gathered We need to speak to "Yarlo" located in Port Sarim *North of the axe shop* Speak to "Old Man Yarlo" and he will request a cup of tea Travel to South-East Varrock and steal a tea from the tea stall Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and give him the cup of tea Read through the dialog, Yarlo will direct you to the wizards tower to find a book Travel to the Wizards Tower just south of Draynor Village and enter the library and search the Book chest farthest to the west On searching the book case you will receive a dusty scroll, read the scroll Return to home and use the main teleporter to teleport to Prifddinas Once in Prifddinas travel north and climb up the crystal stairs Search the Elven Chest The crystal will spawn on the floor, MAKE SURE TO PICK UP THE CRYSTAL ! ! ! Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and show him the crystal Yarlo mentions that we will need to travel Darkmeyer and speak to a Vyre lady located by the bar in Darkmeyer to obtain golden hammer Travel to "Darkmeyer" via Drakan's medallion *bring 50k coins* Travel a bit north to the bar and speak to the "Vyrelady" She will lend you her golden hammer for a fee of 50k, after speaking to Vyrelady we will need to travel to Dragonforge Return to home and prepare for the boss fight, you will need antidote/antivenom, have the hammer and crystal in your inventory Use the main teleporter to teleport to "Ancient Cave" Climb down the stairs and head directly south then head directly west *warning there are several brutal dragons here that will hit you for alot of damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* -You have been warned- Climb up Rough hewn steps Travel a little south to the anvil Use the crystal on the anvil and pickup the "Black Crystal" that spawns on the floor behind you after a short cutscene We need to return to Yarlo in Port Sarim to show him the crystal Old Man Yarlo told us we need to show this crystal to George located north of the estate house in Varrock This is where the boss fight will begin Have protect from magic ready, drink your combat/range potion and drink a dose of anti-venom Select the first option and he will bring you to the final boss location, protect from mage after he speaks to you He should die with relative ease, after he dies you will be teleported to Varrock, from here teleport back to home and use the main teleporter and teleport to Port Sarim to speak to Yarlo about what just happened Congratulations you have completed the Quest ! Quest reward: Rada's blessing 3, 15 minute experience scroll, Crystal armour seed, and 2 Enchanted crystal keys *Don't forget to return the hammer you borrowed!*
  10. reving infront of Burg Khalifa, at Dubai
  11. MASSIVE VOUCE TO DBCRAZY FOR STAFF Definitely are deserving of any position on the team granted to you, you've been here for a long time and can give factual answers to new/old players when needed. Ever since I've joined Luna I've seen you out here grinding, as far as I have seen it's not gonna stop anytime soon! I sincerely hope we can get you on staff, you'd make a great addition.
  12. BUMP for Player Support since we don't have as many. Current playtime : 86 days 13 hours 55 minutes
  13. Vvvv nice guide! This raid looks crazy
  14. The teleport interface got a small rework. All teleports are now in alphabetical order Added some more fun colours to bosses & cities Couple of new teleports including: - Waterfall quest dungeon - "Rune-addy dragons" renamed to Lithkren Vault And a few more! Pollniveach agility course is now available Clue scroll boxes from easy to master are now tradeable. note: The scroll boxes, not the clue itself! Bryophyta is pretty much done just needs loot added - I want to release the boss right now so players can try it out see if its good or needs some adjustments You can obtain the mossy key by killing Moss giants. Removed a couple of items in the moving donator store and added a few new ones Fixed some slayer bosses not counting after last update Bunch of edits done to owner/admin rank Removed "Superior not available" message Nightmares melee/mage/range attacks now have 1 extra tick added Increased pet chance agility rooftops Vote entry is now 100k each instead of 50k We've been working on achievement diaries. The interface for it will be available with this update just not working yet while we work at completing it!
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    I cant log in

    How log in? I have print with thr problem
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