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  3. awesome! looking good keep up the work!!
  4. Epic!! Great work. Keep it up. Excited for new raid
  5. Bosspoints + event You are able to get bosspoints from these two bosses, the bosses will change once per week! Nightmare Corp beast The event that comes with the bosspoint will be found on discord #events Added cosmetic chest with loads of cosmetics! Costs 50k each and 1 shard from boss point shop Coal bag fix Increased shooting star amount Players online fix Fixes done for divine potions You can now make divines with the right levels & fixed XP with divines Multiple slayer edits to track down some bugs Back end work, that resulted in less functionality for character select screen Justiciar set effect You can now combine ancient wyvern shield Added boss points shop Lots of things done to The Frozen Prison raid Added some of the custom items for the raid The frozen prison raid is almost done! Also coming soon: Bryopytha!
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  7. Lit as always love the constant work rate
  8. Easter Event Happy easter everyone! We want to celebrate easter with a new fun easter event! Talk to the Easter Child at home to start the event! He will ask you to find eggs located in main cities! The eggs are located at Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador and Camelot. With awesome rewards at the end! After you've completed the event every NPC you kill has a 1/25 chance to drop a easter egg. Eat the egg to get items from the droptable! You will be able to get: Between 5k and 10k Blood Money Between 5k and 30k GP Between 5 and 25 Purple sweets A hand egg The best reward... The easter ring! Fixed coal bag & added to shooting star event shop & vote store Added Ecumenical key to vote store for 20 points each Divine potions now reset upon dead 1 tick superglass spell delay added You can no longer drink the raid potion outside of raids Dice hosts can now use the mithril seeds Unsired now drops 1/100 Added a alch warning. Changed ::home coords to match the one in spellbook for the Edge home. You can now add up to 400 friends instead of 200 Added defense/magic levels to certain items Added Piscalirius fishing teleport Multiple clue fixes You can now craft Wrath Runes Added announcement about the vote lottery Purple sweets can now be eaten Jad Fest Next update you will be able to fight 4 or 6 or 8 jads with awesome rewards! Custom raid Some great work has been done for the custom raid. I think we're at around 70% right now!!
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    Your Name: Timothy / Tim Age: 25 Your Location:Perth western Australia Average Amount Of Gameplay: 10-12 hours daily Which role would you like: Events manager Why Should I Receive This Position: i feel as if there will continue to be more and more events in the future and with the game growing it is hard for someone such as luna to keep track of prizes, timeframes and rules. I feel I should receive this role as I am dedicated to events and the server! Staff Experience: I have not been a staff member on any RSPS before but I own my company and feel like that will help alot. Rs/Rsps Experience: 15+ years Runescape experience grew up playing with my older brother and his mates who then eventually showed me the RSPS scene. Goals: A major goal I have at the moment is to get events running smoothly such as rewards handed out on time, rules set days if not a week before event detailing certain aspects (donos) Weaknesses: I would say I get grumpy easily haha I would never get angry or abusive and I understand when enough is enough but I do get grumpy as I have 2kids that wake me up early Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: To be honest I would of tried to reply to his first question in hope nothing would ever escilate to such an extent, in the event that someone was becoming aggressive I would pm them and explain that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. If continues follow staff guidelines. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?:contact luna immediately and record and evidence/proof. in my eyes abuse of power is abuse to the community A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: To be honest I have been the type in the past and even now to just give away free things to players even if they ask haha but if I was staff I would encourage them to grind the NPC or content required to obtain that item or items. I would even offer to show them how to complete the content or how to defeat the NPCs. Handouts are for lazy and selfish people If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? I would like to talk to luna and bring evidence to him if it was actually harrassment or abuse. I do not know the staff guidelines or punishments set for certain actions. If accepted for a staffing position I would request that I receive some list of offenses that are banable /mutable and if unsure always ask luna. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I will always follow and accept the rules that have been set for me as a member of the team if accepted. Thankyou for taking your time to read this, I am looking forward to hearing your response.
  10. Group ironman: Group Storage Group ironman invite zone Note: You can only invite players for your group once. When you leave you stick with your group You can NOT invite new players after leaving this area. As group ironman you can trade with eachother Enter eachothers Construction house Pick eachothers drops You can now sell stuff to general store. Divine Potions are now added & can be made Close combat with Galvek fixed & tsunami position Harm staff and smoke staff regular magic tab fixed Increased value Dragon Claws Priffdinas course fix Fixes for entering raid (were some bugs players getting infinite HP) Changes done to tutorial for Group Ironman Bounds for Dagannoth cave with cannon Fixed bugs with Necromancer quest Added more teleport places for LMS We've done some great work on the custom raid which should hopefully be released somewhere this or next month!
  11. Dbcrazy

    GIM Recruitment

    Yo bois, Group Iroman should be released sometime today or tonight, so far I have me and @Lithy kun down for a team. Looking for up to 3 more people who want to win. Team: 1. @Dbcrazy 2. @Lithy kun 3. Comment Below! 4. Comment Below! 5. Comment Below! Leggo!
  12. Aside from other ppl being able to have my outfit, its fucking beautiful :') P.S. JK I dont actually care XD I hope too see everybody rockin the clue hunter outfit! Dopest cape in game!
  13. You can now obtain the hunter clue outfit same way as the Wiki. Added Sarachnis & Nightmare displays to POH Fixed safespot at Olm Bug fixes Desert Treasure quest Quest improvements & fixes Necromancer quest Fixed Kalphite Soldier for slayer Fixed Infernal pickaxe showing wrong buff in chat Harmonised nightmare staff fix Fixed mage arena 2 spawning alot of NPCs if you spammed your hot/cold at the spot of the boss Fixed Aerial fishing favorite teleport You can now set traps at chin area in ::dz2 Added more staffs that can autocast 500+ donators now get superior bones noted Removed in combat restriction for GWD altars Can now pick up pet stray dog from POH when you store it You are now able to revert hasta to spear and other way around at Otto Vote lottery now also gives a mystery box as reward + made it every 12 hours again Took off death storage for UIM for now Removed some NPCs and changed combat stats that shouldnt attack you at level 3 Added a bank to Oarania altar
  14. Thank you ! appreciate that !
  15. This! The work you do is amazing bro keep it up! Awesome guide and will help so many!
  16. -Stat and Quest requirements in picture above Item Requirements: -Knife, Hammer, Axe, 50,160 gold, Pickaxe, Anti-dragon shield, Drakan's medallion Recommended items: Decent gear for killing mulitple high level monsters, Anti-venom/Antiposion potion for the boss fight, Stamina potions aswell as combat potions/prayer/food Teleport to Varrock via teleporter Once you teleport to Varrock run North-East to house north of the estate agent Speak to "George Laxmeister" Read through the dialog and select the first option to begin the quest Return to Edgeville/Home and teleport to "Prifddinas" via Main teleporter Head North of the teleport location to the agility rooftop course Climb up the ladder and begin completing the agility course At the end of the course you will find a bag named "the stuff", pick up "the stuff" Complete the agility course twice or until you have 20x crystal shards Travel back to Home and use the main teleporter to teleport to "Aerial Fishing" Pick up some "King worms" Empty your weapon/ring/glove slot and ask "Alry the Angler" to use his bird Begin Aerial Fishing by clicking on the fishing spots around Continue fishing until you receive 2x Greater sirens On completion travel back to home and travel to the "Woodcutting Guild" Travel West to the redwood trees Chop and collect 4 redwood logs (YOU NEED 4 LOGS) Travel back to home and gear up to kill 4 Black dragons *Bring a pickaxe with you aswell* Use the Main teleporter and teleport to "Myths guild" Pass the barrier and Enter the Mythic Statue Once in the basement travel a bit north and mine both rune rocks Once you have mined both rune rocks travel south and kill 4 Black dragons and collect there hides Once you collect 4 hides bring them to "Ellis" south of home teleport and tan all hides Travel to Blast furnace via Main teleporter Use blast furnace stock and minigame to create 2 rune bars(Coal is sold at blast furnace) Head back to home and use teleporter to travel to varrock, bring a hammer and use the anvil west varrock to make "rune nails" Use knife on Redwood logs and make 2 Redwood shields, then use all 4 tanned hides the shields to create 2 black dragonhide shields At this point you should have these items Use the Main teleporter and return to George north of the estate house in varrock and give him all the items gathered We need to speak to "Yarlo" located in Port Sarim *North of the axe shop* Speak to "Old Man Yarlo" and he will request a cup of tea Travel to South-East Varrock and steal a tea from the tea stall Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and give him the cup of tea Read through the dialog, Yarlo will direct you to the wizards tower to find a book Travel to the Wizards Tower just south of Draynor Village and enter the library and search the Book chest farthest to the west On searching the book case you will receive a dusty scroll, read the scroll Return to home and use the main teleporter to teleport to Prifddinas Once in Prifddinas travel north and climb up the crystal stairs Search the Elven Chest The crystal will spawn on the floor, MAKE SURE TO PICK UP THE CRYSTAL ! ! ! Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and show him the crystal Yarlo mentions that we will need to travel Darkmeyer and speak to a Vyre lady located by the bar in Darkmeyer to obtain golden hammer Travel to "Darkmeyer" via Drakan's medallion *bring 50k coins* Travel a bit north to the bar and speak to the "Vyrelady" She will lend you her golden hammer for a fee of 50k, after speaking to Vyrelady we will need to travel to Dragonforge Return to home and prepare for the boss fight, you will need antidote/antivenom, have the hammer and crystal in your inventory Use the main teleporter to teleport to "Ancient Cave" Climb down the stairs and head directly south then head directly west *warning there are several brutal dragons here that will hit you for alot of damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* -You have been warned- Climb up Rough hewn steps Travel a little south to the anvil Use the crystal on the anvil and pickup the "Black Crystal" that spawns on the floor behind you after a short cutscene We need to return to Yarlo in Port Sarim to show him the crystal Old Man Yarlo told us we need to show this crystal to George located north of the estate house in Varrock This is where the boss fight will begin Have protect from magic ready, drink your combat/range potion and drink a dose of anti-venom Select the first option and he will bring you to the final boss location, protect from mage after he speaks to you He should die with relative ease, after he dies you will be teleported to Varrock, from here teleport back to home and use the main teleporter and teleport to Port Sarim to speak to Yarlo about what just happened Congratulations you have completed the Quest ! Quest reward: Rada's blessing 3, 15 minute experience scroll, Crystal armour seed, and 2 Enchanted crystal keys *Don't forget to return the hammer you borrowed!*
  17. Gonna be a gold-plated AK, gold dog-tag necklace, and pet Optimus Prime
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