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  3. Google search >> "moparscape.org" was in the top 5 populated results for "osrs rsps" and it was about 4-5 on their populated list.
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  5. Whoo another fantastic update ty for all ur hard work luna and team
  6. Added Hespori: We've added Hespori, the Farming Guild boss. Hespori can be found through the teleport interface or at the farming guild dungeon. You can obtain Hespori seeds from all patches when you check-health or clear the patch. $500+ donators can claim a free Hespori seed everyday at ::dz2 475224b942bbeed4d29b5cbce6ebad15.mp4 Multiple fixes done to Zulrah: Fixed the arrow issue & fixes done to Zulrah phases and sometimes Zulrah got stuck when you killed her during phase swap, This is now fixed. Added ogre key coffins. The ogre coffins can be opened with an ogre key or You can picklock the coffin to obtain some starter items. + Teleport to Jiggig to access them Trading post is now integrated in Discord in #server-tradepost and shows items put in it. Bugs/Misc content Fixed multiple items Fixed Abyss DC issue Added chat announcement for mysterious emblem & Larrans key Fixed an issue with smithing silver and making rings Fixed the granite maul fast spec for all mauls Added range level to green d'hide vambs Fixes done to OSRS GP key event Elvarg loot announcements Replaced "Obtain phoenix pet" Kourend elite diary with "kill 5 Hespori" Replaced Ardougne medium agility course task to hard and moved Grapple Yanille to medium You now have a 1/3 chance to obtain an additional wilderness key with diary benefit Fixed Explorer's ring teleport coords Fixes done to Olm Kourend herb patch has been fixed
  7. Your Name: LilB Age: 26 Your Location: Us central standard time CST Average Amount Of Gameplay: I play a average of 12 hrs a day. But while I'm offline I am always checking discord in game cc seeing what's going on. Most the time hop on to help someone if I see no one else is responding to them. Which role would you like: Why Should I Receive This Position: I am looking for server support role. Honestly I think I deserve the role because at all times I try to be the most helpful I can possibly be. I have really good knowledge of the server if not one of the best on the server<3. Most of the community knows who I am mainly because I've been supportive and a friendly face. That's how I picture the server like my family and would like to be that guy that helps anyone that needs help or point them in the right direction so we can continue to have the best community and the best server Staff Experience: Sadly I have no experience as staff. But I hope you giving me the chance to prove myself I will do nothing but impress you and make you not regret choosing me Rs/Rsps Experience: I have been playing runescape since release basically on a computer at grade school in 2001. And have played countless rsps over them years but have never felt like family like I do at luna my 51 days almost 52 have been an amazing ride <3. Goals: My goals as server support are to make sure the moderators and admins and owner dontt have to answer all the questions someone has that way the production of the server is 100% and we continue to release all the great content at the fast rate that luna already has maintained which is phenomenal. Another goal I have is to freshen up on anything else I don't know about the server to make myself the best support possible to benifit all other staff and owner <3. Also I want to find every bug in every mechanic of bosses and monsters and skilling that way the servers content is at its best at all times. Weaknesses: I'd say my biggest weakness coming into a server support role on luna would be lack of staff experience. Also that my 3 year old child is a terrorist and I may have to go afk for like an hr maybe 2 <3. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I myself would politely ask him or her to stop saying whatever he or she is saying by pm and in help chat because it is not tolerated on server. if need be descelate the situation and remind him or her they could get muted if they continue. Then I'd remind him to reread our rules that way he or she knows what kind of punishment they could get if they repeat the same offense multiple times that way our community stays a family and respects one another's beliefs and way of life. Also I would remind them about the ::rules command in game that way the person can read the rules for themselves. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I'm going to investigate the staff member and document all evidence I could possibly gather. Then I would go straight to luna or another trusted staff member that's on if luna isn't on and ask for further instruction on what I should do. I would do the process like this because if even another staff member is breaking the rules they should be held accountable for there action because as a staff member you are supposed to be the best of the best and want the best for the server not encourage cheating and whatever else they may do to ruin all the hard work luna puts into this server. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I would first ask the person to stop nicely and offer to help them start making gp and probablly show them a couple methods myself. I'd also suggest to them to check out ::guides and ::help first that way he or she can see basically everything to start making gp. Then I'll tell them a couple ways I would make gp at there lvl such as doing wintertotd maybe hit pyramid plunder by doing ::plunder.Also I'd suggest they do slayer because we all know its one of the best money makers <3. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? Well according to the rules they would get a 1hr mute for first offense. Second offense would be a 6hr mute. There 3rd offense would result in mining 500 ores in jail and muted 24hrs. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? Of course I will I love this server and the great community and family here at luna.
  8. It's not letting me log in, says unexpected server response
  9. Really excited for the forthos dungeon reworks, it's such a good place to train
  10. Ectofuntus: Ectofuntus has been added and is now a reliable source for prayer XP & ecto tokens. There is also a 1/1000 chance to obtain a ectophial while praying at Ectofuntus And a 1/3000 chance at receiving big prayer XP! Forthos Dungeon: Added Undead druids loot & combat & animations Added temple spider loot & combat & animations Misc/bugs fixed Nurse restoring special attack Fixed the cosmetic chest message, showing the wrong item Fixed Kraken cove private instance Added dragon arrows to PK chest PK leaderboard fixes, if you killed a player you already killed it still counted in the instance leaderboard this is now fixed. Fixed The Frozen prison dragon Renamed coin box to "Coin box" instead of aluft box. More fixes and work done to Theatre of Blood
  11. Preset interface has been fixed & re-enabled Added starter bow & staff The starter weapons has increased damage compared to Other weapons at this level range. Starter weapons has 500 charges each Fixed the duel arena interface There was an issue with mobile players DCing pressing certain buttons, this is now fixed! Added new items to PK chest: Dragon Boots Spiked Manacles Dragon Mace Imbue page Dragonstone bolts (e) Opal dragon bolts (e) Dragon bolts Increased amount food items Renamed items so mobile can also see them now: Imbue page Clue step skip page Double drops scroll Slayer skip page PVP armour mystery box Experience Scroll Droprate scroll Pet droprate scroll Quest XP scroll You now also get XP from quests. Fishy situation quest: 30k Fishing XP Darkmeyer quest: 20k Thieving XP 12.5k Runecrafting XP Desert Treasure: 25k Magic XP Mage Arena 2: 25k Magic XP 10k Slayer XP Wall safe thief quest: 22.5k thieving XP Necromancer quest: 20k Fletching XP 20k Hitpoints XP 15k Smithing XP Pirate quest: 10k Agility XP Added more items for announcements: Dark Bow Abyssal Dagger Warrior Ring Bugs/Misc Fixed an issue with Bloody Merchant DCing Added special attack restore Nurse Fixed level issues reset level NPC Removed the anglerfish guaranteed loot Mogre Increased XP dwarf cannon XP lamp also works on combat skills now
  12. Nice update guys! But why is presets disabled?
  13. Edits done to farming checks You can now properly get all skilling pets Enabled discord killing spree messages You now have a chance at obtaining a gold chin changing its colours Added PK leaderboards: They can be found: North of home, next to the white funpk portal The pvp instance leaderboard is in all PVP instances. Overall leaderboard High wildy leaderboard Edgeville leaderboard PVP instance leaderboard Added PK key to LMS & Tournament (LMS shop and tournament first place) Changed bandos tassets from 15m to 8m from Sigmund Took off home teleport restriction at pvp instance Presets has been temporarily disabled
  14. I can't log in now. Anyone else having same issue?
  15. I felt like PVP was a bit neglected so I wanted to throw a PK related update with some new awesome features! Added PVP instances - These instances act like you are in a PVP world - Presets inside - PK chest - PVP zone Zones: Lumbridge. ::lumbpvp Camelot. ::cammypvp Home. ::homepvp Falador. ::fallypvp In the pvp instances you get +1 additional PKP per kill & chance to obtain the keys for the PK chest! Can also be found in the teleport interface at PK/Wilderness 2dc34d446ea563d0bb97c9078ffca629.mp4 Added a new Wilderness event: During the event theres a chance you can obtain a Wilderness Event Key - You can obtain the key killing players or killing wilderness bosses. With this key you can trade it with Luna for OSRS GP! Changed ::commands and added a seperate PK commands PK Chest You can now obtain PK keys killing players to open the PK chest Note: You can only obtain a key at this time from the PVP instances with a chance of 1/40! The chest is located at each PVP instance - Also has the "check-loot" feature! Added killing spree rewards Added killing spree shutdown rewards You now get a new skull whatever your killstreak at the time is a5e3efeb15e8730032c8b11cee2dace6_9lVG3vrh_8dT7.mp4 Daily first kill of the day bonus You get GP with your first kill, everyday. You now get agility XP & marks of grace when defeating a player inside the wilderness agility course You now get a skilling XP lamp killing a player inside the Resource area changed default elo from 1300 to 1200 For future updates related with the use of elo. Bug fixes & content Fixed Armadyl staff charging Reduced steps elite/master clues Edits done to Olms head on phase 2+ Removed chat option spam Fixed Nardah decanter - You can now properly decant potions with either diaries or herblore cape Fixed multiple issues that causes server to lag with a few days uptime Elite clue: from 10/12 steps to 8/10 steps Master clue: from 15/17 steps to 9/11 steps
  16. Presets: We've added presets! If you right click the booths at home and press "presets" you can create your own presets of both inventory and gear. You will be able to access the preset at these locations: Home - The booths at home bank White portal fun pk - Bank chest Ferox Enclave - Bank chest Chambers of Xeric - Presets totem at bank The Frozen Prison - Presets totem at bank All three donator zones - Bank chest You also get more presets depending on your donator level Free: 3 presets $50+ 2 additional presets $100+ 3 additional presets $500+ 2 additional presets $1000+ 2 additional presets $5000+ final preset You can now check all achievement diaries info & benefits in ::help or by talking to any of the diary related NPCs that hand out rewards You can now right click Sigmund and press "Prices" to see what all he buys at increased price Chambers of Xeric Olm his head movements has been fixed to match OSRS Changed max damage Skeletal Mystic to match OSRS Fixed raid herblore You can now create the raid chest with a DWH Reduced damage praying mage while crossing the line The Frozen prison Changed explode damage Doubt from Inadequacy boss Multiple other fixes done to Inadequacy Reduced distance & chance headbutt from dragon Misc content & bug fixes Increased superior rates with each donator rank Bronze donator 2% increased Silver donator 4% increased Gold donator 6% increased Platinum donator 8% increased Diamond donator 10% increased Master donator 12% increased Godlike donator 14% increased Legendary donator 16% increased Milkman 18% increased Richkid 20% increased Attack level and magic level added to toxic staff of the dead (uncharged) Removed defence level & replaced to ranged level Black d'hide(g) Kalphite queen head now drops guaranteed at 256+ kills Added strength level Scythe of Vitur Fixed obtaining a bronze axe at Bryophyta from the object Increased chances obtaining totem & shard drops in Kourend Catacombs Fixed hunter area shortcut at home Fixed Pyramid Plunder achievement Armadyl staff tradeable Desert Treasure quest fix Fixed acquire tome of fire achievement The $25 and $50 scroll now show right name, on mobile too You can now use Dragon Warhammer on the god wars doors We've done multiple edits to Theatre of Blood and we're getting closer and closer to testing phases!
  17. was playing no problem then aroind 12:30pm Alaska time i got disconnected and now when i try and log in i get this error. Tried uninstall and reinstalling still same error.
  18. Added loot notifications you can turn it on in Settings Keep in mind: The loot notifications currently supports high alch value! Pest Control: Added XP & packs from the Pest Control shop Changed dialogue elite void guy a bit Fixed a issue we've had for a while: Players sometimes suddenly got a high task amount for slayer. This is fixed. Players sometimes lost their Pest Control points from the store, this is now fixed. - We changed the way your slayer task amount & Pest control points are saved. Due to this your slayer task has been reset and also your PC points. (You dont lose your streak, just the task you are currently on!) Added 2 new emotes, obtainable through the diaries: Smooth dance - Wilderness hard Crazy dance - Varrock medium Edits done to Necromancer boss: Multiple edits to fix the dead bug issue Reworked & changed damage output both nightmare and the phase 2 minion Removed Rada's blessing 4 (because of diary release) Donor store changes: - Removed Sanguinesti staff - Removed Twisted Bow - Removed Inquisitor's mace - Removed Statius's warhammer + Changed price dice bag from 100 to 90 points + Scythe is in store temporary till TOB release or if players want to see it removed sooner + Added enhanced crystal key + Added Dark Tome If there are more changes you would love to see make sure to leave suggestions! Fixes: KQ head inside Construction now shares the same dialogue as OSRS Pet box is now tradeable White 2h sword is now untradeable Fixed Kandarin helm 4 for males Added additional tick at Corporeal Cave reading if you are in combat or not (to enter) Kalphite Queen loottable has been editted to match OSRS a bit more Added Taxidermest at Canifis with OSRS dialogue Moved boss points in quest log Fixes done to Pyramid Plunder switching room/leaving (sometimes players got stuck right as timer ended) Added counter when you kill black knights telling you your total points Achievements: Fixed loot abyssal whip Fixed catch impling Changed "loot barrow chest wearing full dharok" to "loot barrow chest and obtain barrow item wearing full dharok"
  19. I can’t get mobile to load I already left you a message already haven’t heard back yet!
  20. the website URL was tatted on ya mum's ass cheek
  21. Luna is the best and what she said^
  22. Nice! Great hotfixes
  23. Even tho diaries was tested extensively we still ran into a few issues and they're now fixed! Hotfix updates: Diaries: - Fixed pay heskel - Fixed watermelon patch - Fixed hiring demon butler - Fixed find 3 magic roots (changed to check health magic tree) - Added chompies to kill - Fixed pray altar smite active Sophanem - Fixed dungeon entrance desert - Renamed open sarcophage first room to receive loot sarcophage - Renamed barrows general (lol) to Kill General Graardor - Added all Neitiznot bridges - Renamed kill a cow in Lumbridge to kill a cow in Lumbridge east cow pen - Fixed 2 Ardougne tasks in medium that should be hard - White 2h sword from 500 to 820 kills - Zamorak and Guthix staff also give achievement now - Fixed kill level 1 gnome - Fixed smithing adamant in Wilderness - Fixed pick ranarr weed Morytania - Editted varbs Kourend - they are now right - Ironman can now get the trading post achievement Misc - Fixed nightmare interface crashing mobile players - BH targetting now saves on logout - Worked on Necromancer in The Frozen Prison fixed some issues & changed some attacks - The frozen map now deletes properly
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