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    Mobile client

    I can't log into the mobile client the error is saying Client is unresponsive any help
  4. I can log into the forum with my email and password and it even mets me login to the mobile client however my account does not show in the list its blank is there anyway to get this back or is it just lost due to a bug ? I reinstalled the apk when I was swapping stuff to My SD card and I'm guessing that clears the list. It's 100% the right email and password cause even on the email used on forums I have the welcome to luna mobile Mark email, email has been verified and I double checked my email linked to my forums account.
  5. Halloween event Death needs help to save Halloween! He is running out of candy and needs your help getting more candy. He will give you a shopping list and you have to collect these items! After the mini quest you can do various activities to get candy points which can be used at the Halloween cauldron (explained below) You can find him located next to the altar at home - Complete mini quest for 50 candy points! - Obtain candy from Pyramid Plunder! - Obtain candy from The Gauntlet! - Obtain candy from birdhouses! - Obtain candy from Tournaments! - Obtain candy by catching implings! - Pray at the ectofuntus to obtain candy! The Cauldron At home you can find a big cauldron First of a player can earn a reward every 90 candies. These rewards are: Halloween wig (frankenstein) Witch hat Witch top Witch robes Witch boots Witch cape Spooky robes Spooky skirt Spooky gloves Spooky Boots Halloween wig (medusa) 50x barrows reroll scrolls 2x XP scrolls 25x slayer skip pages 75x clue step skip pages 2x halloween mask set Super mystery book 5M 5M 10M Also the Cauldron can reach 4 different levels. This can be done server-wide when players donate candy. The first level is reached after 8000 candies server-wide The second level is reached after 20000 candies server-wide The third level is reached after 40000 candies server-wide The fourth level is reached after 80000 candies server-wide After reaching a specific level there will be a drop party at home. The rewards of this drop party varies depending on the level the prayer reaches with the cauldron. It can be barrows reroll scrolls, clue step skip pages, mystery box, vote mystery box, GP, double drop scrolls and more! Home has been changed with a halloween theme too! Farming guild Issue with patches not showing the correct stage at farming guild has been fixed Halloween discounts & deals: HWEEN40 - 40% off any item in store above 200 points - 12 available HWEEN30 - 30% off any item in store above 100 points - 10 available HWEENPERK - 35% off all perks in the store - 20 available HWEEN15 - 15% off any item in the store Deals: At certain threshold donated between now and end of the event (will roughly stay a month) you can earn extras with your donations. This includes: $30+ for super book, 2x XP scroll, 20 clue step skip pages $100+ for 3 super books, 2x XP scroll, 50x barrows reroll scrolls, 50x clue step skip pages $200+ for 3 super books, pet box, 4x XP scroll, 2x XP lamp, 100 barrows reroll scrolls, 100 clue step skip pages, 10x slayer skip scrolls $300+ for 5 super books, pet box, 6x XP scroll, 4x XP lamp, 100 reroll, 100 pages, 40 clue reward caskets, 50 enhanced crystal keys, 25x slayer skip scrolls
  6. Great application. Would love to see you added to the team as you'd be a solid team member. Have seen you in action, will vouch for you. Good luck o/
  7. Hi friend Nice to meet you, Elijah!Enjoy your gaming adventures, Mr. Pickles, and Mr. P1xklees! GB whatsapp Apk
  8. 100% vouch! I can definitely see you being a great addition to the team, good luck!!
  9. I personally think you carry great characteristics and can be a great addition to the team, I hope to see you soon!
  10. Your Name: Nick Age: 25 Your Location: Alkmaar, Netherlands Average Amount Of Gameplay: Three to four hours per evening, 12+ on the weekend Which role would you like: Player Support Why Should I Receive This Position: In my humble opinion, I think that I've accumulated alot of in-game knowledge over the past 2+ years and most certainly believe that in the position as Support that is something quite valuable. Not only that but I've been trying to be really helpful, warm-welcoming and understanding towards new players with all kinds of different questions. I also think I'm a reliable and known name throughout the playerbase and have always tried to help to stand up against people promoting ideas and motives that goes against general morale and the game rules. Last but not least, I also possess alot of the qualities in my character to fill out this position rightfully and accordingly. Staff Experience: 1.5 years of moderating and 7 months of being admin before the server got sold. Rs/Rsps Experience: I've been playing Rs2 since 2005 or 2006 roughly. Quit Rs2 about a year before EoC. Been playing RSPS' on and off since 2011, fully playing Luna since 2021. Goals: To be more knowledgable in the game's fine details and being more of a help towards Luna behind the scenes and thereby helping contribute to growing out this amazing server. Weaknesses: I don't let bullshit slip and will speak up on it. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggresive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would step in and offer my help continously throughout the process, try to keep the situation under control and offer my assistence over private message. If that wouldn't suffice and the player continues with the unwanted behaviour I'd handle out a warning for a mute and continue neccessary steps in that process whilst documenting that. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I will kindly ask him to stop that and why he would be doing that. If the response isn't well or this staff member continues with these actions I'd start documenting it and inform the admins of it. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I wouldn't do anything that would lead to more "begging" (by lack of better words) and help them on the way to achieve asked items on their own by advicing them on ways to make money. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? A fair warning like anyone deserves. If the person decides to continue this behaviour a mute and possible further steps according to the guidelines. All whilst documenting that. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I will always follow set-out guidelines and act accordingly. I'd take full responsibility for mis-judgment or any other case and will always try to be as kind as can be whilst handling these kinds of situations.
  11. Costume room The Construction costume room has been re-added! You can now put in over 1000+ items in the costume room! Ultimate ironman may only put in one of each item in the interfaces. Available to make: Toy box Fancy Dress box Treasure chest (easy,med,hard,elite,master clues) Armour case Magic wardrobe Magic cape rack Discord chat We've added a way to be able to talk in the ingame clan chat through discord! All you need to do is link your account. ;;linkdiscord (discordname) You will get a message from our bot. A code. Type ;;confirmcode (code) and you have linked your account. After that you can type in ⁠server-clan-chat and it will appear in the ingame clan chat! Loot keys: There were some issues with the PK loot keys, these fixes have been added: - Now properly loads the keys on relog - Fixed issue when player dies and other player runs out of the Wilderness before the key drops - Fixed issue with no items dropped into key if player is killed by vengeance New server events: Daily chest: Greatly increased odds uniques Greatly increased GP rewards Reworked a bit of the code make it cleaner Added some new items Quality of life / Other fixes / new additions: Preset interface now requires bank pin if player has this enabled Fixed issue with NPCs not properly dying after receiving a broadcasted drop Fixed some map clues that were wrong Fixed an issue with fake XP Level correction creation divine bastion and battlemage potions Fire spirit from the bonfire now teleports closer to the player Added advanced settings that did not properly save (like mouse settings) Added colossal pouch Added fixes for Zalcano The strut at Motherlode Mine now breaks less often Fixed bounds for catch lobster diary Reduced walk range certain Abyssal demons in the Catacombs of Kourend Changed some prices in the third donator store Changed Scorpia pet npc ID Increased Nex unique loot chance Increased stock soul runes at Baba Yaga for ironman Fixed zombies with wrong respawn timer Fixed smithing XP Bronze battleaxe Kalphite queen entrance fixes and now properly tells you you need a rope if you did not put one on yet Fixed issue with revenant and Demonic gorilla kc not showing in collection log Fixed spelling mistake desert treasure quest Desert treasure diary now completes when you complete DT too instead of having to talk to npc again after the quest to obtain the diary Fixed a bug with lightbearer ring Fixed a Konar slayer task Done some edits to ensure a better server experience Fixed clue spots Fixed issue with NPCs Made improvements to claiming vote so server doesnt get random lag if a player claims lots of votes at once Current Tombs of Amascut progress: Party system - Complete Party interface - Complete Proper map creation - Complete Consumables within Tombs of Amascut & Consumables interface - Complete Invocation system/preset system - Complete Weapons obtained from Tombs of Amascut (fang, staff, lightbearer, masori etc including sounds/spec attack) - Complete Obtaining all needed animations/graphics/npcs etc. - Complete Bosses Akkha - 30% Ba-Ba - 90% Kephri - 55% Zebak - 85% Tumeken's Warden - 25% Puzzles Not yet started The current plan is to release the full beta/raid this month if all goes well! See you soon in the tombs....
  12. Your Name: Zen (Sad Milk) Age: 31 Your Location: Colorado, USA Average Amount Of Gameplay: few hours each day (maybe more or less depending on work) Which role would you like: Support Why Should I Receive This Position: I genuinely enjoy assisting this community with any knowledge I may have. Staff Experience: I held a support/mod ranks in Soulsplit (support) 1.5 years, Ikov (support/mod) 1 year and Zaros (support/mod) almost a year. Rs/Rsps Experience: I have played runescape off and on since 2002. I have a ton of game knowledge when it comes to most aspects of runescape. I have dabbled in RSPSs since around 2009. Goals: I would just like to be a helpful and respected part of this community. Weaknesses: I do have real life priorities that I have to give time to and might not always have spare time to play/join support meetings. Someone in the Help chat is really annoying, he keeps on asking the same questions and when people tell him to stop he gets aggressive and toxic, how do you handle this situation?: I would attempt to give them the solution to their problem in the simplest way I could. I would advise against being toxic/aggressive in chat in the future. You see a staff member abusing his powers, what do you do and why?: I would report the situation to someone that is of a higher ranking than myself. A player is asking you for free stuff, what is your response?: I am not opposed to helping a player with certain things depending on the situation, but would try my best to pass on knowledge that would allow them to gain resources/items/gp in an efficient way. If a player harasses another player, what punishment should they receive? My first steps would be starting a dialog with the person doing the harassing as an attempt to resolve the issue along with gathering both sides of the story. I would explain to them the penalties for harassing players. If the issue persisted I would start with muting the player doing the harassing and reporting the situation to a higher rank than myself. Will you follow the rules when you punish a player? I am already a pretty straight arrow when it comes to rule following and I don't see that changing due to a status.
  13. I'd recommend posting this in our Discord (https://discord.com/invite/vJq2nBkA) in the suggestions channel
  14. Hey bud, sorry for the late response! You can get PKP points by killing players in the wilderness. They are also tradeable, so you can buy pkp tickets from other players, and use them on Lenny. To claim ::vote rewards, you need to type ::cv.
  15. Add new items to melee shop:Not degrading Corrupt vesta`s chainbody, vesta`s plateskirt, statius full helm, statius platebody, statius platelegs each corrupted item is 50 000 each,not degrading regular vesta`s equipment and statius equipment 250 000 each for one item, spirit shield(55 000 ea), blessed spirit shield(750 000 ea), berserker helm, warrior helm, soul cape(red&blue +12 prayer bonus), white boots, holy sandals and Devout boots https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Devout_boots Add new items to ranging shop:Not degrading corrupt morrigan`s equipment 50 000 per item, regular morrigan`s equipment 250 000 each for one item, dragon crossbow and ava`s assembler https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Ava's_assembler Add new items to magic shop:Not degrading corrupt zuriel`s equipment 50 000 per item, regular zuriel`s equipment 250 000 each for one item,farseer helm, dark mystic robe set, infinity robe set, Dagon`hai robes set, bloodbark robes set https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Bloodbark_armour Health tab shop: put that prayer potion costs 6000 each and add super antipoison and antidote++
  16. 1.How do i get PKP points for Lenny`s PKP shop? 2.How do i claim ::vote reward?
  17. Компании, занимающиеся прокатом инструментов, обычно обновляют свой ассортимент и предлагают новейшие модели инструментов. Это позволяет арендаторам использовать самые современные инструменты, что может значительно повысить эффективность работы. прокат инструмента в Перми аренда инструмента в Перми.
  18. Аренда инструмента дает вам возможность опробовать разные модели и марки инструментов. Вы можете оценить их производительность и функциональность перед тем, как принять решение о покупке собственного инструмента. аренда инструмента прокат инструмента в Перми.
  19. Весь перечень представлен в каталоге, на сайте имеет фото, описание, технические характеристики, указана стоимость, что облегчает, ускоряет поиск. Если вам сложно самостоятельно подобрать устройство, наш менеджер проконсультирует. Аренда - удобный, экономичный и быстрый способ выполнения работы, ремонта и строительства. аренда инструмента прокат инструмента в Перми.
  20. Аренда инструмента дает вам доступ к широкому выбору инструментов, которые могут быть недоступны для покупки. Вы можете арендовать тот инструмент, который наиболее подходит для вашей конкретной задачи, без необходимости покупать его. аренда инструмента прокат инструмента в Перми.
  21. Haven't been on much but this is what I've been waiting for
  22. Oh yes papi smack my ass with that new content pls
  23. Tombs of Amascut The development for Tombs of Amascut has officially started and its already looking quite nice! What we've done so far: - Added all possible items obtainable from the raid, they are all fully functioning now. These items include: Lightbearers Ring Tumeken's Shadow Osmumten's Fang Elidinis Ward Masori armour & the (f) variant Keris Partisan upgrades ToA pet Divine rune pouch (Most of these items have been tested already and are fully ready to go including the hidden buffs etc!) - Added a proper map generation & party creation - This means all the maps spawn properly upon entering and delete on leaving when party is empty - Added all possible boss spawn locations in every room - All objects in the raid now works properly, think about all teleport crystals, barriers, barriers checking wether puzzle is complete or not, end boss room - Added all NPCs that have chat function etc in raid, like at the end boss the NPC to start the fight - Added all Invocations in an enum with its respective raid difficulty increase & what its supposed to do - Finished Zebak & Zebaks puzzle room already! - Added proper npc scaling system - Get all information regarding the raid, think about animations, graphics and yes sounds too! - Lots of work done for the backbone of ToA - Work done to the party interface - Added ;;toa - Added functionality for invocation board at ;;toa, the camel bank & scoreboard And many many more improvements and updates regarding Tombs of Amascut. We plan to do multiple betas for this raid in world 1. And participants in the beta will get rewards! We expect to finish the raid somewhere in September. Yes the raid will be 1;1 and will have all Invocations. Done some work to Theatre of Blood Fixed Wintertodt trading in Pyromancer etc for burnt pages with Ignisia Fixed some map clues with incorrect dig spots Fixed an issue with some tasks from Konar Fixed chop oak in Varrock diary issue Changed some things about the vote gambler Other fixes to improve server in terms of lag issues etc Replaced a creature in nightmare zone with Black Demon
  24. Hitsplat tinting/max hitsplats Hitsplat tinting and max hitsplats have now been added! Wesley You can now ask Wesley to crush various items for 50 GP each, he is located in Nardah. Bug fixes/other fixes: Fixed barehand level ninja implings Replaced ice troll king in Nightmare Zone for Black Demon Edits done to tackle the issue with certain interfaces not appearing properly when the XP interface is visible Updates posted on Discord: Added all missing NPCs in the Wilderness slayer dungeon, Abyssal Demons, Jellies, Greater Nechryaels and Dust Devils - All the NPCs except for the Jellies require a slayer task to fight them within the Wilderness slayer cave Can now uncharge (c) Bow of Faerdhinen & Blade of Saeldor Fixed issue with drops from Phantom Muspah and World Boss Fixed issue GIM de-iron Fixes loot announcements Elvarg Other small fixes & improvements done to server
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