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  3. DZ3 The donator zone has received a complete overhaul - Smaller map - Thieving area - Red/black chins area - Amethyst mining - Blood/soul/death altar & Dark altar - Bonfire - Gilded altar - Slayer masters & brimstone chest/pk chest - Much more! Bottomless bucket Bottomless bucket has been added and now works as it should Misc/fixes Fixed spellbook filtering Fixed farming guild patches Fixed Frozen Prison issue on the bridge heading to last boss Compost bin fixes, you can now press the compost bin to receive from it too instead of just using bucket on it Temporarily took out ability to wear golden prospector outfit untill further notice Fixed issue with preset interface players losing items if they try to load a preset with items they don't meet the level for Drakans medallion teleports in inventory has been fixed Reduced some common drops in Chambers of Xeric & greatly increased overall loot in Theatre of Blood (common drops) Added correct Amethyst dart gfx Fixed a title Lots of work done to Nex
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  5. Revision Update We've updated our data to #204, which includes lots of new things from osrs, think about Nex, the new RC minigame, Tempoross & much, much more! We've got 200+ new items, objects, NPCs and more. This will all be released throughout upcoming months/weeks A little taste of the new revision we've already added the shattered relics variety ornament kit in the PvM store. Which allows you to create multiple different items! We've already been working on Nex and expect to be released within a week/two weeks! The slayer helmets all got a visual update aswell. Added new revenant cave entrances! The Gauntlet: Added two new gauntlet events, a normal gauntlet event that increases your chest rolls by x1 and a EXTREME gauntlet event, which increases your rolls by x2! Can no longer trade at Gauntlet entrance Can no longer drop items at the Gauntlet entrance Fixed issue grinding T3 items and receiving dust instead of shards Increased loot overall obtained from The Gauntlet Bug fixes/misc Trading Post offers now don't appear in the interface anymore after exceeding 14 days Fixed issues being able to take the bird from Aerial fishing outside of the zone You can now place down cannon in upstairs zone in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Fixed ring of wealth issue obtaining gp etc while not having the ring in either inventory/equipment Fixed cannon shooting reducing crystal armour charges Lots of fixes done for the revision update Temple spider loot fix Fixes done for farming contracts Fixed vote boss pk key drop Added all possible combinings for Blade of Saeldor/Bow of Faerdhinen (c) editions, released when corrupted gauntlet is released!
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  7. The Gauntlet T1 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 3 kills if there's none obtained yet T2 drop a 100% weapon frame now after 1 kill if there's none obtained yet T3 demibosses drop their respective T3 items 100% now, and 50/50 chance per demiboss for other t3 pieces Depletion from objects now resets when starting a new Gauntlet Added 1 tick cooking Fixed Crystalline dragon & Dark beast, they now have the correct animations/projectiles & attacks Fixed animations for crystalline spider NPC You can now crush T3 items using pestle & mortar to obtain 80 crystal shards Added Gauntlet KC to Collection Log Items now properly add to Collection Log Fixes done to Hunleffs floor attack and matches osrs more now (You will have 2 more ticks compared to osrs to escape the floor attack before it turns red) Fixed issue with T2 items not appearing in inventory when inventory is full (while wearing the t2 item) Corporeal Beast The Corporeal Beast will now heal 25 hitpoints every 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) when no players are fighting it, and fully heals if no one has attacked it for three minutes, this allows easier solo - duo play. Fixed issue with zamorakian spear/hasta not working properly on Corporeal Beast from last update Infernal Harpoon Infernal Harpoon has been added! Combine a dragon harpoon with a smouldering stone to create the Infernal Harpoon. The harpoon will require no charges atall and wont degrade (qol) The infernal harpoon has a 1/3 chance to cook fish while fishing, you need atleast 85 cooking too to be able to use this feature! Misc Fixed issue not being able to imbue vampyric slayer helmet Other small fixes to ensure server working properly Started on Corrupted Gauntlet, will be released soon if these fixes are fine! We are slowly starting on working to update Luna to a new revision of osrs. Coming soon!
  8. The Gauntlet The newest challenge for PvM is finally here. We present to you, The Gauntlet. This training ground was designed by the elves to train their mightiest warriors during the God Wars will be open to anyone who proves their worth and unlocks the city. Inside, you enter a race against time to collect the materials you need to prepare youself for the final fight. Forge your own crystal armour and weaponry by defeating crystalline monsters and gathering resources before facing the terrifying crystalline Hunllef. Items obtainable from The Gauntlet: The Gauntlet will provide a chance of gaining tradeable crystal armour & weapon seeds & various other goodies! Ofcourse Youngllef the pet aswell. You can obtain a Enhanced weapon seed, which you can use at any singing bowl in Prifddinas to create a Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen! You can access Gauntlet either by typing ::gauntlet or through the teleport interface in the "minigames" section! Normal Gauntlet requirements: Level 60 attack, level 60 magic & level 60 ranged. Gauntlet has a bunch of titles too! Corrupted Gauntlet will be released a bit later, with a event! Corrupted Gauntlet release will also have Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen (c) version. Lumberjack when fully equipped gives extra mermaid tears yield during the crystal tree event Wearing full Prospector increases yield during shooting star event More useful info in the opening tutorial Gargoyle auto smash fix Lots of Theatre of Blood fixes Changed drop viewer interface, added The Gauntlet in it Renamed slayer chest messages Added correct pet to Skotizo Corporeal beast now ignores cannon damage (as in no reduction of damage) Cave horror now stops doing its special attack while using protect from melee Added Youngllef dialogue & information Performance fixes added for creating maps Added sounds to low and high alchemy Dwarf cannon damage fix (doesn't exceed 30/35 damage now) Added Blade of Saeldor degrading Multiple fixes done for Grotesque Guardians Added ::boosts to show current events on! (Will be worked on some more)
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  10. cnt remember email for my main acount
  11. The man that never stops giving <3
  12. Grotesque Guardians Atop the Slayer Tower in Morytania a new threat has been reanimated. Two grotesques have awoken after they have heard too many of their brethren die in the tower below. To get access to the grotesque guardians you will need 75 slayer and obtain a key to the roof by killing gargoyles when on a gargoyle task. Once you have unlocked the roof and your slayer master has given you a task to kill gargoyles you can opt to take on the fearsome grotesques instead. However, if your slayer master feels like giving you a challenge he may assign the grotesque guardians as a task. Unique drops from Guardians: Granite hammer: Requiring level 50 Attack and Strength to equip, the granite hammer is an excellent primary weapon for low level players. It also comes with an offensive special attack, allowing you to increase the damage of your next hit by 5, and increase its accuracy by 50%. When equipped it will auto-smash Gargoyles (akin to the Gargoyle Smasher perk), though it will act as an ordinary rock hammer when in the inventory. Black Tourmaline Core Black tourmaline cores are rare drops from the Grotesque Guardians. They can be attached to Bandos boots to create Guardian boots. Guardian Boots Requiring 75 Defence to equip, guardian boots provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots. Granite Dust and Granite Cannon Balls Granite dust drops from the grotesque guardians and can be applied to cannonballs in order to increase their max hit from 30 to 35. Granite dust is stackable, and so are granite-coated cannonballs. However, granite dust and cannonballs are NOT tradeable. Creating granite-coated cannonballs is done by using granite dust on cannonballs. Combining the two has no requirements and can be done with any quantity. Be aware it is not possible to reverse this process. 57098c445810d07bbdbc8903bbb6b859.mp4 Granite Ring The granite ring offers low defensive bonuses across the board, with the exception of a modest ranged defence which comes at the expense of magic defence. It requires level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength to equip. The ring can be imbued in the Nightmare Zone for 500,000 points and as a result will see its stats doubled. You can also use a imbue page to imbue the ring. Granite Gloves Granite gloves offer appealing stats for a mid-level, tradeable pair of gloves. To equip these you will need level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength. Fixes done to ensure more stability for the server Desert amulet 3 teleport fix Fixes done with Galvek/prince black dragon pet Fixed Jelly protect from melee Fixed issue with random vorkath head appearin from a random npc Dragon harpoon while equipped fixed Fixed players being able to use multiple spellbooks due to a bug Fixed bounds for teak log diary desert Fixed bounds for pickpocket master farmer in Ardougne You can now eat cheese You can now use the water taps at Farming Guild Added HP level requirement for NM staff Changed requirements quest cape to 11 points Fixed quest log information for Rick's head puzzle part Multiple fixes done at farming guild & contracts Updated home map allowing quicker entrance to the church
  13. Added Expeditious bracelet When worn, the bracelet provides a 25% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills toward the player's Slayer task without granting additional experience. Added Slaughter bracelet When worn, there is a 25% chance for a Slayer task kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience Mole: Multiple fixes done to the mole boss to ensure the arrow always pointing towards it & not bugging out after digging down. Kril' Tsutsaroth: Fixes done to prayer attack of Kril hitting too often, now matches osrs. Sarachnis: Sarachnis spawns are similar to osrs now, only spawning at 66% and 33% health. Sarachnis is also aggressive now Multiple other fixes done to Sarachnis Misc/bug fixes/new additions Pets also show in table now if you search for them in the bestiary Updated ::commands with new commands Edits done to rock cake to ensure players do not die from it Fixes done to various Farming Guild patches Re-added mithril seeds with a small delay for flowers so FPing with them wouldn't be possible - You can buy them in the shop keeper at home Fixed usage of blighted super restore in fun pk zone You can now dismantle the holy kit from scythe properly Added tournament wins in questlog in PVP Statistics Revenants now also show the droprates of the pvp weapons like Statius's warhammer
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