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  1. EPIC ! Great guide ! keep killing it
  2. Join us now! Click here. Lunaors is an OSRS Private Server What do we have to offer ? FULLY WORKING MOBILE APP ! Your favorite RuneLite Plugins available! Nightmare boss! Fully working LMS ! Pyramid Plunder! Fully working Hydra/Wintertodt/Zulrah/All pets. Loads of fun Events! Custom made Revenants Relic system for more rewards Fully working Construction + Dungeon/Challenge mode Fully working Slayer/Wildy slayer Tournaments Daily/weekly/monthly Pvp gear dropped by WildyNPC's Trading Post (Grand Exchange) Highscores + Voting system Experience rates from 50x to 1x Cluescrolls Droprate% scrolls Pet/drop/EXP scrolls Advanced Teleporting interface Raids / Inferno /Custom Raids All Ironman gamemodes Available (Including Group ironman!) Wilderness Events There is always plenty to do in the wilderness with various events going on at all times! Skeleton Champion Jad Wilderness Volcano Skilling Events! Shooting Star Crystal Tree LMS ! With fully working Rewards Shop! Custom raids ! Fully integrated Tutorial for beginners, aswell as a ::help Feature! SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER COME CHECK IT OUT! JOIN THE FUN TODAY!
  3. Excellent guide! This will be more than helpful ! Great job brother !
  4. Pyramid plunder is a great way to get your thieving up if you are tired of thieving the traditional way, the pyramid plunder minigame is a much more enjoyable way of thieving that is still profitable and far less click intensive as traditional methods. *This minigame Requires at least 21 thieving to start* Pyramid plunder has 8 available rooms to thieve Occasionally you will be attacked and poisoned playing this minigame so bringing a weapon, some food and anti-poison is advised. Bring your lightest weighing gear as you will be just running through each room. (Either wearing nothing or any Graceful outfit works best) *Recommend either agility or stamina potions* You can find Pyramid plunder via the main teleporter at home You can start the minigame by talking to the Guardian Mummy Once inside the minigame you will have 10 minutes to raid through rooms 1-9 Just pass the "Speartrap" for each room, and begin looting the urns, sarcophaguses, and the Grand Gold Chest in the center of each room, you will receive artifacts and xp for each successful click. Once you have looted everything in the room there are 4 doors you can pick-lock, only one door will work you have to search all 4 until you are allowed to continue on to the next room Just repeat the same process for each room, occasionally you will be poisoned, or a mummy or a swarm will spawn and hit you with a quick parry of 1's, just kill the swarm or mummy and drink antipoison when needed. Once you finished raiding the pyramid you can take the artifacts to Simon outside of the pyramid for a reward ! Have fun Plundering !
  5. Excellent ! My favorite thieving technique
  6. Thank you ! appreciate that !
  7. -Stat and Quest requirements in picture above Item Requirements: -Knife, Hammer, Axe, 50,160 gold, Pickaxe, Anti-dragon shield, Drakan's medallion Recommended items: Decent gear for killing mulitple high level monsters, Anti-venom/Antiposion potion for the boss fight, Stamina potions aswell as combat potions/prayer/food Teleport to Varrock via teleporter Once you teleport to Varrock run North-East to house north of the estate agent Speak to "George Laxmeister" Read through the dialog and select the first option to begin the quest Return to Edgeville/Home and teleport to "Prifddinas" via Main teleporter Head North of the teleport location to the agility rooftop course Climb up the ladder and begin completing the agility course At the end of the course you will find a bag named "the stuff", pick up "the stuff" Complete the agility course twice or until you have 20x crystal shards Travel back to Home and use the main teleporter to teleport to "Aerial Fishing" Pick up some "King worms" Empty your weapon/ring/glove slot and ask "Alry the Angler" to use his bird Begin Aerial Fishing by clicking on the fishing spots around Continue fishing until you receive 2x Greater sirens On completion travel back to home and travel to the "Woodcutting Guild" Travel West to the redwood trees Chop and collect 4 redwood logs (YOU NEED 4 LOGS) Travel back to home and gear up to kill 4 Black dragons *Bring a pickaxe with you aswell* Use the Main teleporter and teleport to "Myths guild" Pass the barrier and Enter the Mythic Statue Once in the basement travel a bit north and mine both rune rocks Once you have mined both rune rocks travel south and kill 4 Black dragons and collect there hides Once you collect 4 hides bring them to "Ellis" south of home teleport and tan all hides Travel to Blast furnace via Main teleporter Use blast furnace stock and minigame to create 2 rune bars(Coal is sold at blast furnace) Head back to home and use teleporter to travel to varrock, bring a hammer and use the anvil west varrock to make "rune nails" Use knife on Redwood logs and make 2 Redwood shields, then use all 4 tanned hides the shields to create 2 black dragonhide shields At this point you should have these items Use the Main teleporter and return to George north of the estate house in varrock and give him all the items gathered We need to speak to "Yarlo" located in Port Sarim *North of the axe shop* Speak to "Old Man Yarlo" and he will request a cup of tea Travel to South-East Varrock and steal a tea from the tea stall Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and give him the cup of tea Read through the dialog, Yarlo will direct you to the wizards tower to find a book Travel to the Wizards Tower just south of Draynor Village and enter the library and search the Book chest farthest to the west On searching the book case you will receive a dusty scroll, read the scroll Return to home and use the main teleporter to teleport to Prifddinas Once in Prifddinas travel north and climb up the crystal stairs Search the Elven Chest The crystal will spawn on the floor, MAKE SURE TO PICK UP THE CRYSTAL ! ! ! Return to "Old Man Yarlo" and show him the crystal Yarlo mentions that we will need to travel Darkmeyer and speak to a Vyre lady located by the bar in Darkmeyer to obtain golden hammer Travel to "Darkmeyer" via Drakan's medallion *bring 50k coins* Travel a bit north to the bar and speak to the "Vyrelady" She will lend you her golden hammer for a fee of 50k, after speaking to Vyrelady we will need to travel to Dragonforge Return to home and prepare for the boss fight, you will need antidote/antivenom, have the hammer and crystal in your inventory Use the main teleporter to teleport to "Ancient Cave" Climb down the stairs and head directly south then head directly west *warning there are several brutal dragons here that will hit you for alot of damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* -You have been warned- Climb up Rough hewn steps Travel a little south to the anvil Use the crystal on the anvil and pickup the "Black Crystal" that spawns on the floor behind you after a short cutscene We need to return to Yarlo in Port Sarim to show him the crystal Old Man Yarlo told us we need to show this crystal to George located north of the estate house in Varrock This is where the boss fight will begin Have protect from magic ready, drink your combat/range potion and drink a dose of anti-venom Select the first option and he will bring you to the final boss location, protect from mage after he speaks to you He should die with relative ease, after he dies you will be teleported to Varrock, from here teleport back to home and use the main teleporter and teleport to Port Sarim to speak to Yarlo about what just happened Congratulations you have completed the Quest ! Quest reward: Rada's blessing 3, 15 minute experience scroll, Crystal armour seed, and 2 Enchanted crystal keys *Don't forget to return the hammer you borrowed!*
  8. Outstanding updates gl everyone with the new drop rates
  9. Thanks for the feedback i added that
  10. Awesome, love new content ! Great updates as always, good luck on the event guys.
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